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Tips For Finding The Best Student Accommodation In Berlin

So, you chose Berlin as your next step in your academic journey, good choice!

First of all, you should know that Berlin is one of the most vibrant and sophisticated cities in Europe.

Think of excellent infrastructure, multiple cultures, grand architecture, and excellent nightlife, Berlin has it all.

Being the German capital, Berlin is home to a good number of colleges universities and other institutions of higher learning. 

What is your budget?

There are all types of accommodation options available for students from all walks of life and for every budget imaginable. Looking for a cozy studio in a hippy neighborhood? 

Places like Friedrichshain or Kreuzberg have excellent accommodation for young students complete with a cracking nightlife and hipster vibe.

Those on a budget can put up in the nice hostels or dormitories in and around the city.

How much does it cost to live in Berlin as a student?

Most students in Berlin spend about €500 to €1000 per month depending on the type of accommodation they choose.

You can go for the cheap halls of residence if you don’t mind sharing space with a couple of other students (and lucky enough to land a spot as they tend to run out quite quickly) or rent a nice private space in Berlin. According to a recent study, over 60% of students in Berlin choose to rent private accommodation.

The most popular private accommodation options among students in Berlin include hostels, Privatzimmer (private rooms you find online), shared apartments and studios. 

How do you find the best student accommodation in Berlin?

Finding student accommodation in Berlin is hard, especially if you are an international student or don’t live in Berlin.

This is because of the number of options and complicated pricing structure. An easy way to find student residences in Berlin is to use an online portal like HousingAnywhere.

Take a look at the options available, compare prices, and see the rooms from wherever you are.

Once you’ve found your perfect space, you can go ahead and book it online on the website before you travel, so you have a place ready for you when you land.

Transportation in relation to accommodation choices 

Berlin is a well-connected city with numerous ways to get around, so you don’t have to restrict yourself to staying near the university.

No matter what time of day or location you find yourself in, there is always a cheap way to get around in Berlin.

Students can take advantage of the affordable public transportation options in Berlin, such as the U-Bahn that runs every 15 minutes, metro trams, and metro buses, among others.

Expect to spend as low as 1.48 € a day should you choose to ride on the public system.

Should you find yourself in a place where you can’t catch any of these options, you can always hail one of Berlin’s fancy taxis.

This means that you can comfortably rent accommodation anywhere in Berlin, including on the fringes of the city if you prefer a quieter environment.

Alles Gute für dein Studium in Berlin!