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Temporary jobs: The myths debunked

It's an industry which has really opened up over the last few years, and shaken off a few stigmas along the way. Temporary jobs are really in fashion right now and when one considers the immense flexibility that they provide, it's really no surprise.

With the industry now becoming more profound than ever before, it perhaps shouldn't come as a surprise to read that there are various misconceptions that are being circulated. Many of these focus on the historic statements that were associated with temporary jobs, ignoring their current reputation. Bearing this in mind, let's delve into some of the most common myths and convert them into facts.

Myth #1 - Temporary jobs are associated with admin work

If we were to label one stereotype with temporary jobs it would probably come down to "admin work".

This is the type of work that has long been associated with temporary jobs, so it's a very understandable presumption.

Nowadays, it's not the case though. Sure, there are still plenty of admin opportunities around, but there are also lots of other types of jobs (see Staff Heroes to reiterate the point even more).

Let's back up this point with a few examples. A company might have opted to go public, and this in itself creates a lot of opportunities. Unfortunately, many of these opportunities are quite short-term, with financial experts being the typical roles that are on offer. As we all know, these are very highly paid positions, which is something our next myth will cover...

Myth #2 - Temporary jobs pay less than permanent ones

Following on from the last myth, it probably won't come as a surprise to read that this next one is pretty commonly thought of as well.

Sure, there will be some temporary jobs out there that pay peanuts - and the media certainly doesn't do the industry as a whole any favors in this regard as this seems to be the main topic they cover.

However, delve deeper and there are some really lucrative opportunities in the field. Some companies pay enormous day rates for certain industries; with individuals potentially earning four figure sums every single day. In fact, permanent employees often moan at how much more money temporary workers can earn through similar work.

Of course, there aren't massive amounts of these jobs around, but the point we're trying to make is that temporary jobs should never be associated with low-paid work. On the contrary, you can make even more money in some industries.

Myth #3 - Temporary jobs hinder any permanent aspirations you might have

Finally, let's put this one to bed pretty quickly. Again, this is all due to the stigma that many temporary jobs have attached to them, but claiming that they can hurt any permanent aspirations couldn't be further away from the truth.

Various studies have been conducted which show that temping actually aids the permanent job hunt. It provides contacts and that all-important experience, and effectively gives you the two ingredients that other candidates tend to be lacking.

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