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Summer Courses In Switzerland

If you’ve always wanted to study abroad in Europe, but a whole semester just seems too long, then a summer course in Switzerland could be exactly what you need.

A four- or eight-week program in Europe would give you the chance to experience life at a European university without taking time out of your academic schedule.

Use your break effectively and come the fall semester you’ll be refreshed and ready to tell your friends about your incredible summer experience studying in Europe, as well as having plenty of transferrable credits to add to your record.

Studying abroad at Franklin University, Switzerland

FUS offers two summer programs that give you the opportunity to combine academic learning in the classroom with experts in their fields and the chance to bring your lessons to life.

See some of those things you’ve been learning about first-hand! Not only that but you’ll also be experiencing life in a completely different culture, speaking new languages, and meeting people from a variety of backgrounds.

All that in Switzerland, one of Europe’s most beautiful, safest, and historic countries, with stunning scenery that comes into its own during the summer months.

FUS is located on a hillside overlooking the Italian-speaking city of Lugano and its lake. Summer is the perfect time of year to make the most of everything this dream location can offer.

Course options at FUS

Franklin University Switzerland offers two summer school options. In 2020, Session 1 takes places from June 1 to June 25 and Session 2 from June 29 to July 23.

Each intensive four-week session can be taken on its own, or you can combine them to create a longer eight-week session for up to 12 credits.

Courses are offered in subjects such as Business, Economics, Languages, History, Politics, Fashion, and Archaeology, taught by a combination of FUS faculty and guest lecturers who are experts in their fields. 

Make the most of your summer

Why not see more of Europe while you’re here?

A four- or eight-week summer study abroad program in Switzerland leaves you plenty of time to travel.

It may not be cheap to get to Europe, but once you’re here, traveling around is easy to organize and can be planned to suit any budget. Y

ou could be in Madrid on Monday, Warsaw on Wednesday, and Florence on Friday!

Summer is the perfect time of year to be in Europe; enjoy the warmer weather as you sightsee or experience some of the unique festivals and traditions each country has to offer.

Keen to spend your summer studying abroad in Europe? Why not take a look at what FUS has to offer, with in-depth course descriptions on its website?