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Studying at University in Newcastle Next Year: Mini Survival Guide

Going to university is a significant event for a teenager. It’s often the first time spending major time away from home and that’s daunting enough in itself. Deciding what is important to bring along to Uni is a bit of a shopping and packing nightmare. There’s a lot to consider and you only have so much storage space in the car or train that you’ll be travelling in to university (we’d recommend using a car for the extra packing space as with a train you’ll either need to make several trips or to buy more near campus). 

Here we present a mini survival guide about how to approach your first year at Uni.


There’s often a choice between staying at the university dorm (when they have one) or finding decent student accommodation as near to campus as possible. Typically, student accommodation is compact and shared with other students who have similar goals to complete their studies while living fairly inexpensively. Student digs are nothing too flash in most cases; student loans are paying for them most of the time, so no one wants to show off. 

What to Take with You

Many items you’re better off buying near the university to avoid having to carrying too heavy a load with you. Certainly, you’ll need to bring a few important identification and financial items with you. These include: 

  • Driver’s licence (when you’ve got one)
  • Passport or another identification card
  • Bank cards
  • Bank statements (a handful of recent ones)
  • National Insurance card
  • Student ID card
  • University admission papers and relevant documents
  • Information relating to student loans
  •  Insurance (for international students)

Other items like typical school supplies (pens, paper, folders) and usually a laptop for completing university projects are useful. You’ll want to avoid trying to transport too many items up to Newcastle as there’s plenty of shopping centres to buy whatever you need locally. 

Things to Do in Newcastle

There are a few decent attractions to see in Newcastle once you’ve arrived and settled in. 

The Gate, is a sprawling entertainment centre for people living locally. The Gate has a cinema, plenty of bars and other nightlife, cafes, restaurants, and for those that like a flutter, a casino, too. While there’s plenty of activities to get involved with during the day, the place really gets going in the evening when different venues vie for their customers. 

Sports Central is a fitness centre that offers climbing, squash, netball, basketball, swimming, running track, and more. Several sporting teams including the Netball Super League, the Newcastle Eagles, and the British Basketball League all practice at Sports Central. 

For anyone who loves art and creativity, then a visit to The Baltic near the Millennium Bridge is a good way to spend an afternoon. It’s a converted flour mill complete with the original business lettering still present on the outside of the building. There are regular art exhibitions with modern and classic artwork on show, so it’s worth checking which exhibitions are running and upcoming.  

Newcastle is a great place to set up as a student because it’s a vibrant city with a rich history and interesting people. There’s plenty to occupy yourself when you don’t have your head in the books and a busy social scene to meet new people.

This article was written by Maggie Hammond, a retired nurse and freelance writer, who is exploring and writing in the U.S. in her retirement. An advocate for public health and education, she feels passionate about raising awareness of the current strain on public health organisations and problems related to education.