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Study that fits in with your life

Are you considering a postgraduate degree to kick-start or advance your career? Are you worried about fitting study into an already busy schedule? If this sounds like you, completing postgraduate study online could be the answer to your dilemma!

While online learning is far from new, it’s becoming more and more popular the world over as a flexible means of achieving a higher qualification while also continuing to work, raise a family, socialize, and meet other commitments.

While there are many advantages of online postgraduate study, five of the most compelling include:

1. Save time with no transport hassles

Think about the joy of avoiding rush hours and/or catching public transport at set times, or getting stuck in traffic jams then having to find somewhere to park your car. With online postgraduate study, you have the ultimate convenience of on-the-doorstep access to classes and coursework instead of having to attend formal lectures or face-to-face tutorials. Course content is consistent for all students whatever their location or time zone, and many courses offer easy access to tools and resources to save you even more time.

2. Learn from the comfort of your own home

Learning online means you can study in your lounge room, at the kitchen bench – even in your pajamas! Many online students customize a study area to suit their needs. Experts recommend a room or space that features natural light and ergonomic furniture – especially a good desk and chair. You can sit or stand for as long as you like, which is also posture-friendly. You may also wish to go to other working spaces such as libraries and cafes, for variety (and caffeine!).

3. Go at your own pace, at lower cost

Study as fast as you like, as often as you like, and select the subject that most appeals to you that day. In effect, you can tailor your personal schedule to meet course requirements. Forget reliance on heavy, expensive, printed textbooks – and their associated price tag! Online course materials are easy to access from any device including desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablet. Speaking of money, online courses are typically less costly than face-to-face, on-campus courses – another compelling reason to seriously consider an online degree.

4. Enjoy content variety and connectedness

Many online postgraduate courses deliver content in a variety of ways, including video, audio, and hands-on practical exercises. As well as suiting a wide range of learning styles, online learning can be a richer, more stimulating way to study. At the same time, advances in technology mean that online students can remain connected to their peers, lecturers, and tutors via online group tasks, chats, message boards, and forums.

5. Prepare for future work

With the trend towards more virtual work in virtual offices surging in many industries, online study will stand you in good stead in workplaces of today and tomorrow. Universities the world over are offering more visual, personalized and interactive online learning that mirrors the cutting-edge of contemporary work patterns.

Meanwhile, the status and acceptance of online study continues to grow among employers. An online qualification from a respected university is seen as equally valuable to a traditional degree while being considerably more flexible and achievable for many students.

Of course, online study does require a degree of focus and discipline. Before you deep-dive into an online postgraduate course, consider looking for a university that offers personalized, one-on-one support to keep you motivated and to help ensure you achieve your learning goals. Also check out course entry points, fees and study units – the more units you can complete per semester, the quicker you’ll achieve your qualification!

If online study sounds like it could be for you, explore some of the courses on offer at Southern Cross University Online – a Times Higher Education Top University.

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