Students and Stress; These 5 Tips will Help you Relax

With everybody quoting 'Prioritisation is Key', you realise that your entire schedule is crammed with expectations, deadlines, worries, and burdening anxiety. You stay stressed out all the time with dark bags under your eyes and an irritated approach to everyday routine.

As a college student, are you familiar with this scenario?

You spent your teens with your nose buried into your books because you had to qualify for the ‘college of your choice’ or perhaps, ‘your parent’s choice’. As soon as you secure your admission, you were told that your family had seemingly ‘higher expectations’. 

You enrol yourself in a ton of extracurricular programs and frat sororities because they make your resume ‘look good’. You are already on the football and cricket team and you get tired alternating your tryouts for the rest of the week. But, as soon as the big game comes up, you realise you have to cram for a series of exams that you will be graded upon.

One day, your anxiety builds up and explodes, leaving you burned out to do nothing except sleep all day. So, do students undergo stress, or do you still believe them to be young and carefree as per their stereotype?

Students and Stress – Why the Student Burnout is Real

You might not realise, but you are the victim of the ‘student burnout’. Over 65% of students become stressed out from thinking about the future and carrying the burden of their expectations all the time. As per the American Psychological Association, both teens and adults undergo vile stresses during their student lives without any adequate coping mechanisms. 

Stressful students can express behavioural disturbances which would eventually cause depression or significant personality changes as well. In the entire process of growing up and becoming responsible throughout the university, students undergo enough peer pressure to ignore the importance of individual care and attention. Many lose focus in their studies while others retort to consuming recreational drugs to keep the stress at bay.

Tips That Will Help Students Unwind and Overcome Stress

To make it any easier, we have discussed five realistic tips that might help students relieve their stress and focus on their studies and social life more proactively.

1. Have a Bedtime Routine

You are likely to pull in all-nighters during your college or university times while preparing for those gruelling Cambridge exams, but cramming all night might leave you more stressed out than usual. Start prioritising on your sleep and assign yourself a mental bedtime routine, to begin with.

Sure, sleeping at 9 or 11 pm in the night might seem pretty awkward, but gathering you have to attend the 9 am lecture, you need to show up all alert and prepared for your class. Make it a habit to stay as far away from your electronic devices as further distractions can keep you up for hours on end.

Meditate for a while on your bed before going to sleep so that your body is relaxed enough to help you doze off. Another good strategy is to schedule power naps throughout the day. Power naps as short as 20 minutes might help to cut through your tensile skin and relax you for the next task. 

2. Exercise!

“Where will you get time for exercise?”

Well, now is the time to schedule at least 15 to 30 minutes every day for a mindful workout. Your exercise regimen does not have to be strenuous at all. With technology on your fingertips, download any simple cardio app on your phone or go for a jog early in the morning for 15 to 20 minutes daily. If you are into weightlifting, you can pump up some steam at least thrice a week. Since students are mostly sedentary all the time, join a yoga group class or follow a tutorial every day to get your blood pumping!

3. Try CBD Oil

The use of CBD is still controversial depending on its legalisation and authorisation of safety. But, as long as a dispensary is selling legal, medical marijuana, you are most likely to find it selling CBD in the form of oil, tinctures, or gummies. CBD has promising health benefits that span both the mental and physical well-being of university-going students. Since CBD Oil hardly contains any psychoactive components, it is safe for students and is also endorsed by Yale University.

CBD Oil can help students channel their social, mental, and physical anxiety, as well as help them deal with the gravity of their stress more proactively. Since college life exposed students to a lot of responsibilities and peer pressure, using CBD Oil can actually help them relieve their stress and overcome their depression. 
Author By-line

Shahzad Khan is a former university teacher in the field of Mechanical Engineering who turned into a full-time writer after his row with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. While fighting cancer, he came to know about the benefits of CBD Oil and has been a voice for change ever since.