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Save money on your student house bills with cash back offers

Being a student can be incredibly tough on finances. With degree courses becoming more and more demanding it is hard to fit part time work around existing commitments to study. Many students are now looking into new and inventive ways to save money. As well as trying out freelance work that can be done from home, a lot of students are now making calculated risks to take advantage of the many cash back offers available from providers of things like bank accounts and broadband.

Save money on your student bills

Cash back on broadband

If you go to university chances are that you will need good broadband so that you can get on with your work without having to worry about internet connectivity. For most students this is probably the most expensive part of the monthly bills that you have to pay. A broadband comparison site like Broadband Choices can help you to find the best deal - but did you also know that you can get cash back on your broadband? Many broadband providers are now offering cash back as an incentive for switching to themselves as a provider. 


Plusnet are currently offering £60.00 cash back when you sign up for their 18 month contract which has no activation fee and costs £18 per month. 


The current cash back offer from Sky is £25.00 when you sign up to Sky Sports for £18 per month. If this is something you were going to do anyway it can be quite beneficial. 

Talk Talk 

Surprisingly for one of the smaller companies Talk Talk have the best cash back offer. Sign up to Sky Cinema through Talk Talk with their faster fibre and you can get £100 cash back. 

Cash back on energy bills

Energy bills are another inventive way to earn a bit of cash back. Changing energy provider used to be a long and complicated process but recent legislation has made energy providers make this easier. As well as making the process easier many are now offering cash incentives for switching over to them. 


Npower re up and coming as one of the larger energy providers after starting off quite small. To incentivise new customers they are offering £140.00 in cash back when they switch to them as a provider on any of their tariffs. 

British Gas 

British Gas are currently offering £65.00 cashback on any of their tariffs. They are also offering fixed energy prices until 2019 so this could be beneficial in numerous ways if you are looking to save. 

Cash back on bank accounts

Banks were probably one of the first types of companies to offer cash as an incentive to new customers or customers switching. Many of them have utilised this now and it is less likely to find a bank account that doesn't have a switching offer than one that does.

Cash back on bank accounts


M&S are currently offering any customers that switch to them £125 in M&S vouchers just for opening a current account. You will also get a £5 top up on the gift card each month if you meet their terms and conditions. 

First Direct 

First Direct are currently offering £100 in cash back when you switch to them. The great thing about this is that First Direct do not have any monthly fees - so when you switch you are basically getting money for nothing. 

Lloyds TSB 

If you open a Lloyds TSB classic plus account then you are able to get up to £120 cash back per year. This account also has the added benefit of there being no monthly fee as again it is like getting money for nothing. 


Natwest have a little bit of a different cash back structure. Their one continuously rewards existing customers rather than just new ones. Natwest offer their cash back incentive on a percentage rather than a bulk sum. This means that through the year if you meet their terms and conditions you can add 2% to your money.

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