Retake - GCSEs and A levels at RIC

Many students come to Rochester Independent College who have missed out on their university offers. With 37 years experience with GCSE and A level retakes, Rochester Independent College ensures that students have the best support possible to rebuild their academic dreams.

With an average class size of 8, the teachers at Rochester Independent College make sure that  every student has the individual attention that they require to really get to grips with the syllabus. RIC’s approach focuses on exam technique. Therefore, students begin to rebuild their confidence and feel like their ambitions are once again obtainable through these conditions. Dhillon, who is now going on to study Law at the University of York, joined us from a secondary school in Sevenoaks and thrived at RIC. He said:

‘The teachers are each highly experienced in their subjects. As a result they know exactly what to teach and what is just jargon. The lessons are still extremely enjoyable and never feel rushed.’ 

You can chat to Dhillon directly about his experiences as a retake student at RIC and see the content he’s created during his course here. 

On average, students who join us for the intensive one year A level course option will improve by two grades. To ensure that the students get the most out of their experience, RIC often encourages the students to widen their potential by additionally taking up a whole new subject alongside those being retaken. Therefore, the students are given the chance to experience a new interest and given the option to have something fresh to add to their UCAS applications. 

The pressure of fitting in two years worth of study within a one year course may seem a daunting idea to some students. However, our teachers have many years’ experience of tailoring the courses in order for students to not become overwhelmed. Each student is also assigned a personal tutor who is there to assist them with their UCAS application and give pastoral support where needed. Additionally, the personal tutor is also in close contact with academic staff to ensure that any issues that may arise can be dealt with quickly and the student is back on track as soon as possible.

Lois, who is now studying Film at the University of Bristol, joined us from a local grammar school to undertake RIC’s one year retake option. She said:

‘A 1 year course may sound quite daunting at first, especially if like me you had previously struggled with doing A Levels in 2 years. However, this is RIC’s speciality! In the beginning you’re eased into the course and gradually it begins to pick up pace, which gives you time to adapt. You quickly learn how to work and revise in a method that is effective for you. This is aided largely by the teacher’s detailed feedback and extensive support. ‘  

Considering an academic gap year to retake the necessary exams to secure the offers from the top UK universities can put students in a stronger position the second time round. Students do not have to compromise their university choices and can aim for their first choice once they have succeeded in their retakes at RIC. Idris, who is now studying Architectural Engineering at Bath University, decided to retake his A levels after initially underperforming and joined from an independent school in Canterbury. He said: 

‘I can claim confidently that retaking your exams will produce a higher grade the second time around. The lingering scars of disappointment from last summer’s results day provide the motivation, the extra year of maturity provides the work ethic and the experience of the UCAS system ensures you have a goal to which you focus your studies.‘

RIC’s bespoke retake courses run January to June or September to June, depending on individual circumstances. Our teachers can offer retake courses for all examination boards and options. There are several possible ways to study through the year part time, for example combining retaking one or two subjects with paid work experience or internships to increase the students employability for future career goals. 

Retake your studies and restart your future by clicking here to find out more about the retake options at Rochester Independent College.