Refresh - Switch for Year 11 & 13

While changing schools can be a daunting decision, students can greatly benefit from an educational transfer in a way that they could have never imagined possible at Rochester Independent College. Half of the students in our year 11 and 13 are new to the school each year. 

It is a common occurrence for students to find themselves demotivated during their most important years of study due to a variety of personal reasons. From distracting environments to a loss of confidence in academic potential, a fresh change of scenery and support can work in their favour both academically and mentally. 

A transfer directly into year 11 or Year 13 at Rochester Independent College will grant the supportive and stress free transition to excelling and realising academic ambitions. 

Jack, who joined RIC in year 11 as a boarder from a grammar school on a one year GCSE course is happy to talk about his experiences directly on our ambassador platform. You can also see some of the content he created during his year at the College

The decision to transfer to Rochester Independent College ensures that students can regain their confidence and catch up with their original GCSE and A level material, in addition to undertaking further subject choices that will widen their interests, academic potential and individuality. 

This alternative education route that Rochester Independent College can offer Year 11 and Year 13 students a route into competitive higher education at the top UK universities. Rochester Independent College provides students with experienced teaching on all major exam boards such as AQA, Edexcel, and OCR to ensure that all previous subject knowledge is enhanced rather than wasted.

The Covid pandemic has seen students globally suffer from educational disruption. Rochester Independent College is here to help to offer the ideal environment for students to catch up on work missed and academically excel in every way possible. 

Students at Rochester Independent College are given the option to study on a day, weekly, or full boarding basis to ensure maximum dedication to their studies, in addition to providing a taster of the university experience with the support and guidance to manage both the workload and growth as an independent student. The small classes at Rochester Independent College have an average of eight in a group to mirror the seminar environment that is found at university to encourage open discussion, critical thinking, and individual attention. 

Rochester Independent College prepares students for the university environment as Georgia, a Year 13 transfer who now studies biochemistry at Oxford, experienced. She said:

“I think that Oxford can be a daunting place, but RIC gave me the confidence I needed to succeed here, both academically and socially. My year at RIC changed the course of my life, and I am immensely grateful for the opportunities I have gained”.  

You can talk directly to Georgia about her experiences transferring into year 13 on our ambassador platform here. 

Students from a variety of backgrounds join the college every year through a range of schools: local and international, independent and state.

A reflection of the intense university workload will be experienced at Rochester Independent College as students will soon realise there are no shortcuts to success.  Transferring to Year 11 and Year 13 at Rochester Independent College requires determination as an intensive year ahead with no bank holidays, no study leave and often teaching over Easter and half term breaks will ensure that students will receive the grades that they need.

Students and parents will find that a transfer to Rochester Independent College can open the career pathways as Emily’s mother, Sue from Sevenoaks discovered. She said:
“We are so happy that Emily’s difficult decision to change schools last year, and all her hard work this year has paid off. Her grades last year of BCC (and E in physics!) were raised by 4 grades. There is no question that if she had remained at her old school for year 13, she would not have been in a position to take up a place at Exeter University.”

Refresh your mind and see how school can be different by clicking here to find out more about the transfer options at Rochester Independent College.