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The Prom night and girls dilemma

Promenade night, a night that calls for the new beginning in the life of senior students in school. It is a night when a girl escorted by her date ends the school life and yearns to embrace the college life. There was a time when prom night was all about getting a date else coming alone on a prom night was considered embarrassing. But now more than a date, it’s about being best dressed. Fashion has changed every concept in the life of a man and students no different. They want to look nothing less than perfect in their trendy outfits and want to make a lasting impression.

Every student is in a dilemma especially girls; what to wear? How much to spend? What’s in trend? Will this dress fetch me Prom Queen Title? And so the search for that best dress starts months before the night and almost a year before the prom night girls become figure conscious and want to lose every single bulge that comes in between them and their title of Prom Queen. So what goes in a girls mind while thinking about prom?

Date or no date but to fit in the best dress

Every designer every shop and every mall becomes the place of worship. More than books magazines are scanned, and the major topic of discussion is Fashion, not boys. Of course, the super charged students have to go through strict budget set by parents and have to cajole them to buy those matching stilettos or pair of earrings, but student life is all about saving pocket money and getting that designer dress you dreamt for the night. You can also check on ByDiscountCodes and look for offers

The fat syndrome

Apparently every girl thinks that she is fat and even if she puts on 2-3 pounds the marathon begins. From crazy detox diets to grilling fitness regimen everything will be done to look fit and fabulous.

The Skin experiment

No girl wants to go to prom night with a face having a single acne leave aside two of them. So here comes all the night creams, beauty routine and spa treatments, waxing, tweezing, etc. that will make you look fresh and like a starlet.

The Prom Title

All the efforts are made to score the prom title, and that is a wish of every girl and dilemma of every jury member. To be or not to be is not the question, in fact, the question is who should not be and which every girl can answer very easily. Anyone except her should not be! Period.

The Night to Remember

Lastly, after all the hue and cry, excitement and resentment, prom night is something that you will remember in the years to come and share your prom story with your kids and grandkids.

Amidst all the dilemmas in a student’s life surrounding prom night; it is an experience worth having and go to your prom night to enjoy and have fun with your friends before starting a freshman year in college.

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