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The Powers And Dangers of Technology Among the Youth

The use of computers and the internet has greatly transformed the way of learning among the youth today. We apply technology in almost all of our daily routine and in everything we do. Teachers and students make use of technology to impart knowledge and accomplish tasks. Technology is greatly used by students to extend their abilities and learn new things. There has been an extensive work in developing technology such as the rise of production of gadgets, computer applications and games.

In this modern age, the use of digital technology is a must and today’s youth is greatly exposed to such technology. It has become an integral part of one’s life because technological literacy is a requirement nowadays especially at school and for employment. 

According to medical research, technology can cause attention disorder called Technologically Induced Attention Deficit among young individuals. It is a disorder wherein massive exposure to television and video games can cause rapid shifts in attention. The fast shifts of focus results to attention deficits. Medical experts reported a rise in ADHD cases and called this age as “Nintendo Generation”. 

A disadvantage of the use of technology is that there is the availability of too much information which can be quite overwhelming in students. In Europe, parents tend to measure and compare educational sites called internet vergelijken for their children. Kids also tend to easily put their trust to strangers and would give important information such as home address and even bank accounts to chat mates. Sexual solicitation is also a nightmare to parents when they let their kids explore the web.

A major disadvantage of the use of technology among the youth is that loss of individuality and diversity. The youth of today tend to desire what is “trending” or what is “it” in the digital world. They forget their individual self and just become the same with everybody else.

The debate between the disadvantages and advantages keeps growing as technology keeps improving. Always take into consideration the quality web traffic of each site your child visits. 

The use of technology especially in the educational field is extremely useful. With the use of technology, It has eliminated boundaries and barriers. An example is the use of virtual classrooms and made learning much easier. Online learning is made flexible and made available worldwide. Virtual technology has helped students to learn and communicate globally and in real time. The targeted web traffic has been reached with the advancement of technology. The access to resources has such as podcasts, e-books, tutorials and videos are immeasurable. The use of smartphones has greatly helped in making education accessible. Self- training is now made possible by the use of apps and tutorials online and most are available for free. 

Because of the advancement of technology, student motivation has risen to great level. The youth of today feels that he or she is in control of his or her own pace. Making them realize that it is normal to make mistakes and learn from them.

Although some may say that technology can be a distraction, it can also facilitate skills in learning. Many tools and apps are available which make subjects more interesting. This can also help in the development of self-identity among young people. 

Technology may be termed as a double edged sword by some experts. But with proper use and guidance, it can greatly assist in the development and the learning experiences of the youth. Our world is constantly changing, and the advantages of using the latest technology greatly outweighs the disadvantages. 

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