Personal Finance App

Managing money isn’t an easy task. These days some of us don’t know how to balance a checkbook or track our expenses without services like Payday Depot. As a result, trying to keep up with our bank balance can be quite challenging. 

Personal finance applications are linked to your bank account, and they help in keeping a record of your spending. Additionally, they assist in identifying areas where one spends, tracking pending expenses, and keeping up with your credit score. 

The best personal finance apps offer various features that help manage your entire finances. These apps listed below are available for download on both android and iOS. With this, you can enjoy the features of these apps regardless of your device.

Personal Finance App you can Use

There is four finance app to employ for your financial task, and they include:

Mint: Mint is among the most recognized personal finance apps worldwide. It provides a detailed picture of your finances in one place. When you link your credit and debit cards to your account, Mint obtains your transactions and organizes them. It also displays how much money is being spent.

With this app, you can constantly keep an eye on your spending and create a budget you can follow. It also gives access to your credit scores and a breakdown of factors that affect your credit score health. Lastly, the app allows you to monitor your investments and manage utility payments.

YNAB: There are four key rules when using the YNAB personal finance app:

  • Offer every dollar for a job

  • Get a grip on your actual expenses

  • Ride with the punches

  • Manage your money

These rules won’t just help you develop a proper budget, but they will also assist in controlling your spending. You can download your transaction history and apply them to each budget category to get a detailed picture of your expenses.

Adjust your budget categories to keep it balanced if you end up spending beyond your limit. A detailed report from this app will help you progress and improve your spending. 

Personal Capital: Personal Capital is a wealth management app that assists you in managing assets and investments alongside your daily spending. While Personal Capital lets you link your bank account and monitor your expenses, it’s mostly known for helping one track and maximize your investments. 

With the help of this app, you can keep track of your portfolio using the account, asset class, or individual security. Personal Capital allows you to discover risk management and diversification opportunities using a built-in intelligence available on the app.

When you compare your portfolio to a major market standard, you get to decide whether you’re on track to meet your goals. With Personal Capital, you get customized advice from licensed financial advisors to help tailor your goals. 

Prism: This app display all your bills and accounts, providing you with a clear picture of your finances. Prism boats of over 11,000 billers, including banks and small utility companies. When you include your bills, Prism automatically tracks them and sends a reminder to help you avoid late payments.

You can employ the scheduling feature on this app to meet payment deadlines. Prism eradicates the need to sign in to multiple accounts to pay bills. 


Remember, in order to grow financially, you need to establish a sound financial plan. You’re a step closer to achieving this goal using the apps listed above.