No Need to Stress Out: How Plagiarism Checkers Can Help Students

You chose the assignment yourself, you did your research, you wrote the text on your own. So, why do we feel uncomfortable when teachers check our work for plagiarism?

Are you afraid you could fall victim to unintentional plagiarism? What is it about plagiarism checkers that makes college students stress out?

A study entitled “The Effect of Anti-Plagiarism Software on Students’ Plagiarizing Behaviour” suggests that most students are stressed out when their works are checked.

In fact, 59% of the students who participated in the survey said they felt pressure when their writing was checked for plagiarism. The other 41% think that there’s no need for plagiarism tools whatsoever, or don’t pay much attention to plagiarism as a whole.

Students tend to consider plagiarism checks as a demonstration of doubting their abilities. It’s understandable that we perceive this act as distrust and feel attacked.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Plagiarism checkers can help students become more successful. We only have to alter how we perceive them.

The goal of plagiarism checkers isn’t to intimidate students, blocking their creativity, but to accompany and assist in writing, help avoid self-plagiarism and not repeat someone else’s thoughts.

Don’t Stress, Copy Less

If someone tells you their years in college were stress-free, you have every right to laugh in their face.

Getting through higher education means dealing with a lot of stress. It’s a natural response to a tough challenge, which leads to anxiety, self-doubt, and rash actions.

But plagiarism checkers can actually alleviate the stress a bit. More than that, they can give you the confidence so many students lack.

Imagine this: you’re writing an essay and using many sources to back it up.

As you finish the assignment, you’re running the essay through Unicheck or another plagiarism checker that shows you if the essay lacks citations, if you’ve cited the wrong source, and where unintentional plagiarism is found.

Now, when the teachers run a plagiarism check, you’ll be confident in the authenticity of your writing and proud of your work. Success minus the stress.


Why is Plagiarism Checking Good for Students?

Teachers and parents should help students accept the fact that plagiarism checking is meant to help them, not catch a cheater red-handed.

We all need to understand that plagiarism is what really prevents us from expressing ourselves and being unique, while plagiarism checkers offer so many benefits to students.

The incentive to improve your knowledge

A thorough assessment is your path to perfection. Plagiarism checkers will scan the text and identify links and quotations, check the correct citation methods and show the sources that have been used.

Such technological means make it possible to see unintentional violations in citations, especially in cases when the student has not rephrased the source enough.

When you fix the problems with your text once, you’ll know how to avoid them later. This skill will then help you in other disciplines.

While you can’t use someone else’s work as your own, you can (and should) be inspired by it.

It's often in the assignment to write your own work based on another, like when you have to write a short story using Hemingway’s telegraph style.

People can have many common ideas that are affected by the same historical events, trends or the preferences of a particular generation.

The only problem is that even if you’re sure your words and ideas are unique, you can still unintentionally plagiarise.

Not adhering to proper scientific citation procedures without the personal intention of cheating is nothing bad, but it’s better to fix things like this before submitting the work.

Plagiarism checkers can help students avoid subconscious mistakes like unintentional plagiarism in written assignments.

You might think that you’ve checked yourself, but you’ll never be as precise as automated plagiarism detection software.

Fair assessment will help you stand out

How many times did you put a lot of hard work in a paper only to receive the same grade as the student who cheated?

Well, plagiarism checkers can help battle this injustice as they guarantee that every student will be graded fairly.

If your teacher runs all papers against a plagiarism checker like Unicheck, you can be certain that your original work will be praised while the cheater will not get away with academic dishonesty.

Unicheck can also detect instances of contract cheating thanks to Emma - its AI component that uses machine learning algorithms to tell if the author is really the one who handed in the work.

So, if someone thinks they can get better grades by resorting to essay mills, they have another think coming. Plagiarism checkers allow students to be unique and show their real capabilities. 

3. Be a part of the change

Many of the global changes that occurred over the last couple of centuries were fueled by students.

Youth is a driving force for changes in society, influencing power and raising important questions like ecology, war and healthcare.

Students change the world through their voice, and this voice needs to be authentic. Besides, if more students start saying that plagiarism is uncool, others will follow suit.

4. Wrapping up

College, among other things, can be a lot of stress: assignments, tests, and exams. The pressure of succeeding prompts many students to resort to plagiarism.

However, the reality is that you can only succeed if you hand in unique, original work. Unicheck can help. No self-plagiarism. No unauthorised copying. No unintentional mistakes in references and citations.

Plus, Unicheck is your go-to plagiarism checker for Canvas, so when you’re doing assignments in the learning management platform, you can rest assured that they’re unique. 

Plagiarism checkers are not your enemy. They’re a tool that encourages students to be better writers, stand out from the crowd, and altogether avoid unintentional plagiarism.

And now that you know, help more friends know about it