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New App Is Bringing Drivers License Exam Practice Tests to Your Phone

We all know how tricky it is to prepare for driving license exam tests. If you live in the US and you’re currently trying to get a driving license, you should be familiar with the official driver’s manual, a thorough manual designed to prepare you for the road. Everything from the basics of safe driving to the road safety rules and regulations are covered in the manual.

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Preparing for the tests is not always easy. While there are plenty of resources you can use to practice for the tests, particularly the theory test, there hasn’t been one you can really count on. Fortunately, Driver Start just released a new mobile app that will help you ace the test in one go. The app has a number of interesting advantages that set it apart from the competition, both from a practical point of view and from the eyes of app developers.

Clean and Simple

It is clear that the new app is geared towards younger drivers while still making it easy for older users to prepare for the test. Take a quick look at the user interface and you get that sense of a modern, well-implemented design right away. The white background and colored icons and sections work really well, while the design of the app means you can start taking practice tests in just a couple of taps.

The app uses a unique combination of red, yellow and green – the colors of a traffic light – and light gray across its interface. You get a sense that you’re using an app that is designed with the users in mind upon accessing the different icons in the middle of the screen.

The practice tests are also interactive. They are designed to be different every time you take the test. This makes practicing for the actual DMV test a lot easier, since you can now do it on the go using nothing but your iPhone or iPad. Yes, the app is available for iOS users; you can download it from the iTunes App Store and get started.

Flash Cards and Learning Methods

Another interesting advantage users can get from this app is the way information is delivered. The app uses several methods to help you learn the official driver’s manual and its contents. You can choose to use flash cards to memorize the important details or display all key information as a list that you can scroll through smoothly.

You can also read through the actual manual before taking the practice test to measure your progress. Measuring progress is another great feature offered by this app. It allows you to see how far you have progressed as you get closer to your scheduled test day.

The app has a scoring system built in and it will display your score at the end of every practice test. You can see whether you pass the test in a percentage. Design-wise, the display is once again clean and simple.

More for Other States

Those of you who are preparing for tests in other states can also find the app on iTunes. There are 50 apps, covering all 50 states across the country. The apps are designed similarly, but the content has been adjusted to suit local regulations and requirements. Since DMV tests in different states have different requirements, the app will also direct you to different sets of information to focus on.

It is also worth noting that these apps work beautifully on both iPhones and iPads. On a larger screen, however, the Driver Start apps really come to life. You get more screen real estate to work with and the developers have utilized that extra space with extra care. Better images, bigger icons and the same fluid user experience are making the iPad apps stand out.

App design and development aside, these apps are very helpful. They are great for those wanting to take practice tests without having to open their laptop or sit in front of a computer. On top of that, you can continue practicing for the actual test until minutes before you take it, since you now have a comprehensive set of practice tests in your pocket. Oh, and have I told you that all 50 apps are available for free?

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