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The Most Popular Essay Types

Mastering essay-writing is a goal that everyone should achieve because it is a necessary skill in schools and in business. If you become an expert with paper writing, you will be likely highly admired in class or considered very valuable in your work area. This is because having good composition skills means you can interpret useful information. Essays differ from other kinds of writing with its purpose to explain concepts and views concisely. There are several types of essays an author can choose from to relay his message with a clear direction. The first step to becoming a top-notch essay writer is to be familiar with the basic essay types. So, according to, there are six the most popular types of essays.  

Narrative Essay

The narrative essay is a well-known type of paper because there will always be a need for a detailed story of a certain work or event. Narrative essays can either be a story itself or an informative. It is often required when you must recall a literature piece you have written or an event you witnessed.

One practice you can do to improve a narrative essay is to create a timeline. When drafting your paper, a timeline can help you keep track of a clear beginning, middle, and end. Your readers will be able to understand the key events better once you follow the sequence you brainstormed.

You should also ensure that all the important characters or participants are in the narrative essay. This will help the work be completed in detail.

Note that the thesis of a narrative essay is usually for a reader to understand how the story or event developed. You can bring a strong conclusion by pointing out the significance of your narrative essay to an individual and or the individual’s society.

Expository Essay

The expository essay is an essential essay type you should nail because its purpose is to evaluate and analyze concepts. In this kind of output, you might enumerate facts, draw inferences, and or argue for certain perspectives.

The expository is a short task to compose and used a lot for tests. An author can use many expository techniques to ensure his essay will pass the standards of his readers.

One of the easiest expository techniques is defining the concept or theme. You can give an abstract or deeper meaning to simple terms and provide principles to them. For example, the assigned topic may be about a new technological device and you can define it as a significant product. You may further prove its role in your community.

Another technique you can do is an analysis. You can write about your views on how a literature piece or an event should be interpreted. You can support your concepts with anecdotes and logic.

As you can see, expository essays can be easily written when you can formulate an established perspective of the topic. 

Descriptive Essay

The descriptive essay is another composition that is commonly assigned because it assesses your ability to share detailed experiences. You would be asked to write about people, events, products and or objects with a clear vision.

When writing a descriptive essay, you might want to have a good dictionary in hand. You must use a lot of adjectives to enable the reader to share your point of view. The dictionary will also come handy when you express your experiences with all your senses. You can refer to adjectives that pertain to tastes or colors that you find important to describe.

You do not have to take a lot of effort in getting through a descriptive essay assignment. These papers are quick to write and require only a small amount of creativity.

Persuasive/ Argumentative Essays

Persuasive or argumentative essays thoroughly focus and evaluate a subject. They get confused with expository works but differs because it requires more research and explanation.

You can improve a persuasive or argumentative essay by researching thoroughly. When you read several articles, facts and data, and/or literature pieces you can gather ideas for your thesis. Your readers would become curious on how you can prove your thesis. With the right sources, you can keep their attention and provide a purposeful message to them. Also, you can find references or assistance to ensure your expository work is in high quality. In this way, most scholars find professional help by getting a customized essay.

The research you get will further be handy since the thesis should include a general overview of the topic. This will help the reader understand your point about the topic. For example, you are assigned to write about office communication. You can describe a scenario or a recent news event related to the subject to interest the reader. The reader will also be able to relate to your introduction for a context of your paper’s purpose.

The persuasive or argumentative essay is a type of work you have to practice composing to be successful. When you can write persuasively, you will likely excel in your academic and business endeavors. This is because these papers are required for research and proposals. 

Classification Essay

The classification essay requires descriptions of concepts with shared characteristics and its standards to be considered as part of specific groups. It is a popular essay type because identifying categories is a basic skill.

In the thesis of the classification essay, you should prioritize emphasizing the subject/s. You might be writing about drama movies, recent scientific phenomena, or war strategies. The important note as an author you ought to take is that the topic is clearly seen.

As you complete the classification essay, you need to ensure that all the subjects’ descriptions and their relevance to a group are pointed out. You will then make the piece purposeful.

Compare and Contrast Essay

The compare and contrast essay discriminates one or more concepts. It stresses out the concepts’ similarities and differences. You will be proving in the thesis that the concepts are the parallel or not with logical evidence. Common topics are books, events, or trends.

The compare and contrast essays also do not take much time to finish. You can draw out a Venn diagram as you draft these papers. With a quick brainstorm of the similar and diverse characteristics of your subjects, you can accomplish your output in no time.

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