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The Most Popular Careers in the Food & Beverage Industry

We all have to eat - some of us more than others…! It’s no surprise then that the UK food and beverage industry adds over 20 billion to the UK's GPD and employs more people than live in the city of Leicester.

These jobs are staffed by people with sincere love for their industry, and the need for roles has recently been announced by massive food and beverage organisations like Bidvest, the leading catering supplier, and other multinational companies in the sector who are touting the benefits of a career in an industry vital to daily life and projected to add over a hundred thousand positions in the next decade.  

In case you’re curious about what positions in food and drink you could hold as part of your next career move, we've put together a brief list of the most popular careers in the food and beverage industry:

Food Manufacturing.
While earning NVQ levels 2 and 3 in food manufacturing, you'll train on site with food manufacturing professionals on a daily basis. You'll conduct your coursework alongside your professional training, and a career in food manufacturing will see you as a highly trained specialist overseeing and tending to modern food manufacturing technology within years of earning your qualifications and starting work.

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Food Science.

With a post graduate degree in science, you can enter the research arm of the food and beverage industry. Develop, taste, research and get feedback on existing and new products; over time you'll move up, taking responsibility for a wider array of projects and a variety of different products.

Quality Assurance.

With an undergraduate degree in food science or nutrition, you could find a career in quality assurance. In an environment of shifting ideas around what consumers want in their food, and changes in what is mandated by law, the role of a quality assurance is a vital component of all food and beverage companies in meeting internal and external demands.

Research and Development.

Help put new products on the shelf! Starting off as a food technician with a compatible degree in product management or food studies, you could eventually liaise with a host of food professionals and oversee teams bringing new products to domestic and international markets.

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With an undergraduate degree, you could enter the logistics and supply chain side of the food and beverage industry. Manage the procurement and supply of raw materials used to create products, acting quickly to negotiate prices and maintain stock sourced from around the world.

Other Roles.

The industry is a broad entity, and there are more careers available with an undergraduate degree than we can list here. You could work as an account manager liaising with internal departments and external suppliers and distributors to bring new products to market. Or you could join the marketing department in a role developing products in partnership with consumers, retailers and internal departments to impact the food and beverage market. Or, serve as a health and environment safety manager, improving and optimising the working conditions for workers in our food and beverage supply chains. The choice is yours – but one thing is for sure; it’s an exciting, fast-paced and growing industry that you won’t regret becoming a part of.