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Managing Your Work-Life Balance After University

Now that University is over, you might find yourself facing that one question upon which the balance of your life rests.

What career path do you choose and what domain of work do you foray into? No matter whichever job you take up, it is important to remember that your work life is going to be way different from your student life.

While you are still a student, you have the liberty to make mistakes and come back the next day with renewed zest.

You are allowed multiple shots at handling the same situation. However, work life is quite different. There are no multiple shots. The stage is set and lit up.

You have to perform well at one go or bear the brunt of it for quite a long time to come, and sometimes, for the rest of your life. You will have performance pressure, and your immediate bosses will keep on a tight leash.

Therefore, it is but reasonable to have frequent meltdowns or feel burnt out. But you cannot actually ditch your 9 to 5 corporate hustle and bury yourself in a book or whatever your heart craves for.

You have bills to pay. It is thus, imperative that you learn how to deal with the work-life conundrum and strike a balance between the two.

Not all of us are blessed with a job that is synonymous to our passion. However, we have to make do with it. T

his does not mean that you must let go of your passion and stall at a job that promises no growth. It means that you have to stick by the job until you are ready to make the shift.

It could be days or even months before that moment arrives when you are finally able to pursue your passion and earn money, sufficient enough to make a living out of it.

Till then, find out ways to manage your work and life after work, and hang in there! Here’s a tip or two that would get you started.

1. Allocate your work hours efficiently

A typical day would roughly have around eight working hours, and employees are expected to cover all eight hours before they leave the office.

However, the time frame is subject to change according to the organisation’s rubrics. Whatever the case might be, it is essential that you stick to the time table and use every minute efficiently.

Start early and leave early if that works well with your organisation and adjust yourself to the requirements of the company. 
The moment you start taking your work hours seriously, you would be managing and saving time even without you trying to make an effort. Take breaks but do not procrastinate.

Divide your work and keep setting targets for yourself. However, there is a catch which we shall discuss as we proceed with the article.

2. Do not be a prisoner of your work

Remember that your work is not what your life is all about. There is more value to your life and yourself as a whole. Your job is a means to serve an end, but not an end in itself.

Therefore, understand and acknowledge the difference. The minute you finish off with your work, leave the place unless there is an urgent need for overtime or some event that demands your presence.

You would not have such events or overtime requirements round the year. Therefore, though it is essential that you remain a dedicated employee, and add value to your organisation, do not turn into a machine and bury yourself in work.

You are allowed to have escapades and moments of respite!

This is the catch that we were talking about. Devote yourself to work but refrain from taking it over you. 

3. Don't forget that you have a health to take care of

So what are you going to do after you get back home? This is the part where the question of work-life balance comes into the picture. Invest in yourself and your family.

Spend time with your loved ones, and eat at least one meal together with them. Read a book or binge watch a series that you have added to your list for a long time now but could not make time.

Look up for medical insurance plan online and get one for yourself or your family. In a nutshell, live your life after work. Do not leave your life at work.

Most importantly, do not bring work home. That is the worst you could do.

4. Keep in touch with your humane self

Remember that you are not just cut out for your work. You have a life. Live that. Sure, you have Instagram and Facebook to scroll through.

However, do not become a slave to technology. Reduce your screen time and add more quality to your life. You would be doing yourself a great help that way.

Do not forget that you are a human being, and you have a comfort zone. While it is essential that you step out of your comfort zone to grow, it is also necessary to recoil into your comfort zone when you feel the gravity of work weighing you down.

No matter how expensive those bills might get, and no matter how much of responsibilities keep inundating your life, it is vital that you take care of your human self; lest you shall only crumble under pressure and lose hold on yourself.

Do not let work eat at your sanity and avoid being burnt-out. Do this, and the rest shall be taken care of!