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Make Money by Doing Online Surveys - An A-Z Guide

The virtual platform, for all its lucrative opportunities and extensive exposure is still subjected to a lot of scepticism. However, there are a few legitimate money making methods and means online that don’t require any technical expertise or qualification; you just need to devote a couple of hours from your schedule. Filling out survey forms and questionnaires are one such job that almost anyone can sign up for.

Who knew answering a few simple questions could help you earn some extra pocket cash!

How to go about it?

Online surveys are a win-win situation for both you and the company offering the opportunity. The organization can get valuable information about customer tastes while you are paid to put forth an opinion. Completing online surveys is no rocket science; you just have to answer a set of questions about your tastes and preferences. All you need is a steady internet connection and some extra time. Go for well-known brands and leading players in the industry so as to not get cheated on. Filling out questionnaires is an excellent earning opportunity for university students without compromising on their studies. Read on to know all about the online surveys in this short but detailed guide below:

Create a separate mail account

Almost everyone has a mail account on Gmail, Yahoo or any other portal; however, it would be wise if you create a separate email account for your survey applications. Having a separate account especially for the online survey related work helps you manage things better. This way you can also look out for better opportunities or new study updates that might otherwise be lost in the sea of personal emails, professional memos, and spams. 

Sign up for PayPal

Now that you have a mail account, the next thing you should do is sign up for a reliable online banking portal through which you can manage the monetary transactions. The payment would be directly transferred to your bank account or the virtual account on Paytm or PayPal. Registering in a trusted e-banking portal secures the money transfer process and keeps your sensitive information protected from the prying eyes of hackers. Create a PayPal account (as most companies accept PayPal) if you do not have one already, the company you apply for will usually ask for an email id to notify the applicant.

Choosing an authentic portal

Once you have created an email account and submitted your PayPal account details, the next step is to choose a legitimate paid survey portals where you can apply. First-time users usually subscribe and register on a lot of survey job portals in the hope that they would get a chance somewhere. That is the best way to go about it. Most survey portals have a preliminary questionnaire that asks you to submit your age, gender, location and income. These forms are then analyzed to get a clear idea about your lifestyle choices. The questionnaires and forms you will get would be based on your preferences. IPSOS I-Say, My Survey, and Toluna are among the leading survey portals that have been a hit among users worldwide.

Submit your details

Have you chosen the right company where you want to apply? The next step is about sending them your necessary information and then waiting for the surveys to filter in. Fill out the submission form clearly stating your geographical location, age, gender and other personal details for all the study portals that you can find. This data helps the company to assign you appropriate surveys and questionnaires that you can answer to the best of your ability. The registration form also confirms your credibility and authenticity to the company. Once you start getting surveys do not immediately jump on them. Yes you have a deadline, but don’t rush things up - take your time, your efficiency will gradually improve. When survey panels see that you are willing to participate, they will send in more work and better studies.

Redeem the cash points or voucher

Ka-ching! This is the best part of the process, the moment when all the hard work finally pays off. Most survey panels pay on a weekly or monthly basis; the amount is transferred to your bank account or the PayPal account via e-banking. Some companies prefer paying in cash and transfer the amount to your account, while others choose the virtual method of monetary transaction. Always be on the lookout for unique codes, offers and voucher points that you can encash or earn some exclusive benefit from.

The bottom line

Online surveys for all its perks is a surprisingly simple and time-saving earning opportunity that is unusual for young students, graduates or university students who can make use of some extra money.

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