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MAG vs Xiaomi Set-Top Boxes For IPTV

Television managed to enter our life closely. Today you don't have to go to the cinema to watch the newest adaptations of your favorite books or buy a newspaper to check the latest news.

The classic television has changed but is not going to retire. The industry is constantly developing and finding new formats, for example — IPTV.

What is IPTV?

IPTV is an Internet Protocol Television. The main difference over classic television is interactivity:

1.  You can choose the set of channels you want to watch on your own;
2.  Browse video from catalogs;
3.  You neither miss the final episode of your favorite series nor the decisive goal of a football match. It is enough to record the program and select the moment for later viewing.

You can both watch IPTV on a device with a built-in smart function or an external set-top box.

Today we will discuss the advantages of MAG425A set-top box provided by comparing with Chinese Xiaomi MI box S.

What’s the difference?

As we know from the characteristics, MAG425A has a similar configuration as Xiaomi MI box S:

  • 2 GB RAM;
  • 8 GB Storage;
  • 4-core processor.

So, they both work well, which could be seen during tests: they perfectly play 4K videos, 4K 60 FPS YouTube, 4K Torrents online.

MAG has several pros, which make up to pay special attention to this gadget.

The main advantages of MAG425A are:

  • Better 2,4 GHz module, which means that you don’t have to replace your current Wi-Fi router. The absence of Lan J45 is a problem for Xiaomi MI box S, as the Internet speed will drop significantly;
  • The 3.0 USB port allows playing some big-sized movies from external storages, for example, hard-drives or flash drives of USB 3.0 format;
  • It has a convenient screed configuration feature, which Xiaomi doesn’t have in their gadget. On the contrary, MAG425A allows configuring contrast, brightness, and other screen characteristics;
  • Mag provides NFC, DLNA, UPNP support, while in Xiaomi you can do it only via side add-ons.
  • The presence of Micro SD storage, which means that you can exceed the storage place from 8 GB to any available size.

Of course, you have to choose the set-top box yourself, considering your own requirements.

However, when buying a Xiaomi MI box S you have to understand that you will probably have to purchase a new Wi-Fi router or buy additional equipment if you want to switch it on via cable.

When using MAG425A, you don’t need to due to the presence of good network modules.

We should also pay tribute to Xiaomi as it provides users with a Netflix subscription. On the contrary, the MAG manufacturer promises Netflix certification in the near future.

So, IPTV expands the capabilities of traditional television. It makes watching TV more convenient, which in our fast-moving age allows us to save our precious time