List of TOP Online Universities in the US and UK

Distance education was born in the 20th century and today it has become a dynamic and technologically oriented world of the educational system.

Many consider it an ideal alternative for students who cannot get an education due to financial barriers, time constraints, and other obstacles. The comfort, flexibility, and ease offered by distance education really attract students from every corner of the world. This is especially true for those students who do not want to break away from their professional life, family, and other obligations; and at the same time want to complete their higher education to succeed in their career.

So, let's consider the top universities in England and the USA where you can study remotely.

American Universites

Johns Hopkins University

This University creates all conditions for independent development and training of its students, it encourages cooperation between them and the University's teaching staff. As a result, together they make discoveries that improve people's lives.

The University offers online research in social Sciences, business, engineering, computer science, medicine, and more. This variety of offers makes it possible to train both American and international students more effectively. Do you want to learn more about useful services for studying? Read

Northwestern University

This is a private research university that develops new ideas for creating an inclusive educational environment. The University also works closely with more than a hundred research institutes, which opens up great opportunities for students to become part of the exciting process of writing various coursework. Here you can get online education in the field of health.

University of California, Los Angeles

The University of California in Los Angeles is proud of its commitment to ensuring free access to information, the holding of free debate, and mutual respect and tolerance.

The University cooperates with 290 medical research centers and institutes. Here you can get a distance higher education in engineering and technical specialties.

New York University

This university has been innovating in the field of education since 1831, helping students to gain a global vision of the world. The University was conceived as an institution with a democratic spirit that meets the requirements of American commercial culture. Here you can get an online education and a diploma in such areas as business and management, computer science, engineering, and more.

The University of Texas at Austin

The University promotes a culture of commitment, ambition, and leadership. Thanks to the development of these qualities, students are later capable of outstanding achievements. The university aims to provide students and graduates with the opportunity to find profitable positions through industry partnerships. The university offers online training in engineering specialties.

Georgia Institute of Technology

It is a prestigious public College and a leading research University in the United States. It provides online degrees in engineering, science, and computer science. Girls can safely choose this University because it gives out more diplomas to the fair sex than other similar institutions.

Boston University

As one of the largest non-profit universities in the United States, Boston University has been able to provide a reliable online higher education environment. It offers a wide range of online graduate programs, diplomas, and professional certificates as a freelancer.

Boston University received the Sloan Consortium award for excellence in online education and The American distance learning Association award for best practices of the 21st century.

The Ohio State University

Since its founding in 1870, Ohio State University has become a place for research and innovation. Student friendships have developed, but a competitive spirit is still present and the university is proud of it. The most widely represented areas of research at the university are social and environmental responsibility, agriculture, and health care. Online courses in medicine, business, education, and social sciences are also very popular here.

University of Maryland

It is one of the most respected public research universities in the United States. It has a longstanding partnership with government and business to conduct research that translates into applicable innovations.

Here you can obtain degrees in engineering, computer science, and medicine.

University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh is proud of its history of research that has changed society and led to the defeat of polio, television, and flight. In addition to offering high-quality online programs in a wide range of fields, the University has the resources to help graduates and students succeed.

UK Universities

University of Liverpool

In cooperation with the Laureate Online Education resource, the university offers distance learning and a total of 41 courses. Programs include international commercial law, web sciences and big data, information systems management, operations and supply chain management, and much more.

Anglia Ruskin University

The University was founded more than 150 years ago and today it offers online courses for more than 31,000 students from the UK/EU. The University offers courses for working professionals.

You can choose from the following programs: Masters of Law, Management, Waste and Resource Business Management, Digital Modeling, Mental Health, and much more.

University of Manchester

As part of distance learning, the university offers graduate and postgraduate programs. The most popular programs are in business and management, accounting and finance, dentistry, occupational medicine and healthcare, and pharmaceuticals, including pharmacists' advanced training. There are a total of 50 distance learning courses.

University of Northampton

It is the leading university in the UK and the largest regional education center for future health and teaching professionals. The Sunley University Center for Management has a national reputation for training, counseling, and development for managers and professionals. The University also offers distance courses for more than 700 international students from 100 different countries.

It offers master's programs in public practice, mental health, waste management, management and accounting, and finance.