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Interesting and original essay ideas

Writing a paper is indeed difficult and demanding work. But choosing a topic is even more challenging. This is even though this is one of the key parts of writing good college essay topics.  You need to know if your area of interest is something that will have enough resources to support the thesis. Once you brainstorm ideas, do a preliminary search and refine the broad idea.

The originality of the topic is important when picking good personal essay topics. The good news is that there are plagiarism free checkers that students can use. When they find it hard to choose an original topic, most students choose the best essay writing service uk WritingPeak to get original topic. The resource will not only check grammar online, but it is a word to page converter that can tell you how many words is 5 pages double spaced.

Tips to choose original essay ideas

When you make the right choice of a subject, you will find it easier to write the essay, and it will automatically be better. Here are tips that will help you to pick a good essay subject.

  • Pick something interesting. Readers can tell when you are interested in a subject. They will be able to detect the enthusiasm in your writing. In case you do not have a choice on the subject, find an angle that you find interesting. If you only bore the reader, this will affect your marks. But when you show passion in your paper, this can help you to score high marks.
  • Choose a topic you know about. Instead of taking a big project, choose something you already know about. This will make the writing process faster and easier as you will already be knowledgeable on the subject. You will not need to do a lot of research, and you will need less effort to complete the paper.
  • Narrow down the subject. Whatever choice you make, ask yourself if it is possible to fully explore it and prove your point in the shortest space possible. There are chances that your first choice of subject will be too big. You will need to keep refining it by choosing 3 characters you need to contrast.
  • Choose an interesting method of approaching the subject. To keep the writing controlled,   provide structure to it. This will help to define the thesis.
  • Start researching. In case you have a vague idea of what you intend to write the essay on, but you don’t know the direction to take, you will need to clarify it. You can get books from the library and flip through them to get ideas. 
  • Look around you. Consider the one thing you spend a lot of your time doing. Is it a sports team, a hobby or even a goal? In most cases, whatever you do during your spare time can be turned into an essay subject. 
  • Ask your instructor, teacher or check online. Are you stuck with a specific angle; you can Google the topic to determine what other people are writing about the subject. Ask your parent, teacher or even a respected mentor for ideas or guidance on what you should choose.
  • Check for grammar. You will need to ensure that your topic is grammatically correct. You can do that by using an essay grammar checker.

Top 10 argumentative essay ideas

If you are searching for argumentative essay ideas, here are some topics that are worth considering.

  1. What are the reforms that should be made in the current taxation system?
  2. Should test scores be used to measure an individual’s competency?
  3. How real was Shakespeare?
  4. Gender roles and their place in military service
  5. Are left-handed guitarists more gifted than others?
  6. Are you university admissions becoming so competitive?
  7. A study of the cause of the increase in pregnancies among teenagers
  8. How effective is the death penalty?
  9. Why politics is a dirty game
  10. Celebrities should stay away from politics


A debatable paper should consist of analysis as well as a fair criticism of the claims. In an age where there are lots of political debates, technological advancements and economic movements, it should not be hard to come up with an essay topic. You can also make use of the above free write topics.

Unless your instructor has assigned you, picking a good topic is a key step. You will also need to determine the length of the paper. You can use a word to page converter to determine the number of pages the paper will have. Use the above tips to create a good essay topic. Once you are done with writing our essay, do an essay grammar check, and you be able to improve your score.