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Inspiring A Stronger School Spirit From Your Student Body

It takes a lot of work from all the staff to create an atmosphere that makes students proud to be a part of the culture of your school.

It doesn’t matter if the school is a kindergarten or Ivy League university.

Creating a strong school spirit goes a long way to making for an uplifting scholastic experience. This experience will increase morale and make students more eager to learn.

Feeling like a part of something bigger than themselves is something every student wishes for.

In this article, I will go over some ways that a culture of school spirit can be built.

Give them good swag

That comfy hoodie that they got during their orientation will end up being a prized possession. That cheap fidget spinner is going to be recycled eventually and forgotten about.

School shirt designs that not only look good but are printed on quality garments will go a long way to creating pride in the school.

Make sure that the message is on point and reflects the values of the school and the gear will be worn with pride for years. Maybe even long after the student has graduated.

Create a theme for the school year

Have a message that will resonate with students that is neatly packaged into a theme. Then make that the theme that will be the centerpiece of their academic year.

For example, let’s say that your theme for the year is how to be a leader. You can create materials and events that feature superheroes, or even historic figures that were outstanding leaders. 

Decorating the campus with images and inspirational quotes about leadership will remind everybody what the focus is on for that year.

They will understand that the reason they are at that school is to learn lessons like being a good leader.

This will have them feel a school spirit when they think of the tools they are acquiring by being a part of the student body there.

Celebrate diversity

If your school is a university or prep college, then there is likely a student body that comes from all backgrounds.

International students coming from a different culture, or minorities that may feel underrepresented will have a hard time feeling school pride if the culture is not inclusive.

Making the dormitories balanced with different groups spread throughout instead of concentrated together will make for a vibrant life in the halls

Faculty should be trained in how to resolve issues that may arise when people of different cultures misunderstand each other.

Students can be made to feel proud that there are other cultures and creeds represented in their student body by events that celebrate diversity.

Include the community

Even the area where the school is located should feel proud to have it in their community.

By inviting the outside into your campus will help them understand what makes the school special and how everybody works together.

This makes the students feel like a part of a larger community and enhances their school spirit.