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Improving Your Essay Writing Skills In 2017

Whether you have been writing essays for as long as you can remember or one of your new year's goals is to start writing essays, there is good news for you. Improving your essay writing skills in 2017 just became easier. Gone are the days when you had to spend time editing rims and rims of writing. Applications such as Grammarly and Hemmingway are making life a lot easier. Add various online courses on offer in essay writing and you will know that there is no excuse for writing bad essays anymore.

The Good Old Way

Let's start by setting the record straight; the applications we focus on in this article will not write the essay for you. They will only help you make a paper, you have already written, better. So, the good old advice is still pertinent. To get better as a writer, the most effective thing is to keep on writing. Consistency comes from practice. Also, remember that the environment in which you write is still important. You still need to be creative and look for ideas that can feed into your essays.

Getting Help from Specialized Academic Services

There are times when students find it difficult to write an essay for different reasons. Sometimes international students need to get used to a writing culture in a new country. Then they can always use the services of essay writing companies such as EssayHub. As time moves, such students will eventually be able to use the applications and writing courses we have included in this paper further and create their own masterpieces without any help from third parties.

Subscribe To a Free Online Course

Many writers do not know, but there are a number of good online courses available on the net for free. The edX site gives some good examples of some of these courses. A visit to their website will reveal some courses that can improve a writer’s skills. Some of the courses available include;

* English Grammar & Essay Writing
* English Writing And Composition
* How To Write An essay

There are other places on the internet where writers can find courses that can help them improve their writing. The majority of these sites offer the training for free. offers information on a number of universities that offer free writing courses. Some of the universities include Purdue University and Yale University among others schools of note.

The WritetoDone Newsletter 

One of the sites that are making resources available to writers is WritetoDone. Writers who subscribe to this site can receive emails according to their preferred settings on how they can improve their writing.

Apart from the emails, you can receive from this site, you can also visit their website to access a library of articles about writing. You can also test whether what they are teaching you is effective by offering to write an article for them.

Some Great Writing Apps Available In 2017

Now that we are all on the same page, let’s look at some applications that can help you improve your skills in essay writing. Once you have learned how to write using the courses we discuss above, you will still need to appreciate that things change fast. This is where the applications come in. The designers of the apps, we discuss below, always keep their finger on the changes that happen in writing rules. To this end, they are always updating the applications. 


One thing that the people at Grammarly seem to know well is that the challenge of many writers, whether new to the trade or as old as Methuselah in the art of writing, is proofreading. However, no matter how you look at things, proofreading is one of the most important things you should do. Otherwise, you have no right to call yourself a professional writer.

What’s wrong with the spell autocorrect and spell check tools that come with applications such as Microsoft Office? Nothing is wrong with them, but they are not adequate. To see what we are talking about, you may need to try this yourself. Put Grammarly as an add-in to Google Chrome, as a desktop application, or an add-in to Microsoft Office, and then run an essay that has already been cleared by your Microsoft Word and see how many more mistakes on the essay the app with flag.

The good thing about this application is that it can be used for free to check the most critical mistakes in your essay. If you want to look for more advanced issues, you will have to pay to use the application.  The application is designed to identify and correct 250 types of errors.    

Once you have run your document on Grammarly, it is advisable that you read through the document again as the app does not catch 100% of the errors in your essay. Sometimes it can make a correction that can change the meaning of what you where originally saying.

Hemingway App

If you still do not know about the Hemmingway Application, then you know you have been writing the hard way. This application will cost you round about US$20 for a year’s subscription. You can also try the free version. 

How It Works

The Hemmingway App flags some of the most common errors that interfere with good essay writing. Some of the things that will be highlighted include the following;

Passive Voice. It will identify all the instances where you have used passive voice in the essay. If you have used passive voice too many times, it will tell you so and suggest what the minimum number you need to use for your essay to be easy to read. Passive voice is bad for your writing because it is wordy. Most editors and critics will also tell you that passive voice reverses the way we are used to thinking about subjects and objects. However, this is not to say that passive voice is not acceptable at all. That’s why this app will tell you when the number of instances where you use passive voice in your essay is okay.

Complicated Words and Sentences. Complicated words and sentences are your essay’s biggest enemy. As a writer, you want as many people as possible to read your essay; especially if you rely on it to make an income. This application will tell you when your words and sentences are too complicated.

Too Many Adverbs. Editors will tell you that adverbs kill prose and prose is essential for good essay writing. While adverbs are not bad on their own, it becomes a problem when an author overuses them. If you are using the Hemmingway App, it will tell you when you have gone overboard with the use of adverbs.


It doesn’t matter how well you write your essay if it is not original. If your essay comes across as being plagiarized, you could face criminal charges. Even if you do not have a criminal case in your hands, anyone who reads your plagiarized work will lose any faith they had in you as a writer. Copyscape, allows you to verify your essay before you post it online or get other people to read it.

Keep in mind that the sites and applications we’ve provided in this list serve the sole purpose of helping You in enhancing Your own writing skills. No app or service can do the paper instead or better than Yourself.

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