The Importance of Theatre in Education

Theatre is one of the most ancient art forms that were accepted and respected globally. Be it the golden age of Greek theatre or the revolutionary Shakespearean theatrical period, this art form has witnessed ages and still remained rooted in human history. With time people realized the importance of theatre and theatrical excellence in education.

If you are willing to be a student of William Jewell College, then you already know how important this art form is. But for those who still feel it’s nothing but an ancient and lost art, well, you need to keep reading.

Theatre in Education 

In the year 1965, the theatre in education movement was pioneered in the place named Belgrade. Theatre in education is a process by which dramatic processes accelerate the overall educational progress of students. It becomes more interactive and interesting where a student can willingly participate.

The Benefits of Theatre in Education

There are lots of benefits of theatre in education. Here, in this article, we will discuss the benefits. 

The Psychology

According to the experts of theatre college Kansas City, when a person performs an artform on the stage in front of audiences, the first thing the person learns is to believe in their own ideas. That boosts inner confidence and develops self-esteem. 

Many people silently suffer from a psychological issue that is known as a spot-light syndrome. These people always feel like everybody is watching them and create their own shell. Theatre performance helps these people to get rid of this syndrome and social anxiety.

Power of Imagination 

Nowadays, the world is full of technologies, and the kids are addicted to mobile phones and video games, which in some places holds the kids back from the imagination. Theatre provides that opportunity to imagine and create something artistic in life. 

Empathy and tolerance

Theatre is teamwork, and through it, students learn the art of sharing. When a person acts as a theatre character, he or she goes through the same journey as the character has gone. It helps to understand others' situations and increases tolerance as well.


Doing a theatre needs a great deal of concentration from the artists. Usually, they need to memorize a script and learn the art of multitasking without losing their focus.


Theatre or drama enhances communication skills as it needs various kinds of verbal and non-verbal expression. 

Social awareness

Theatre has always been a part of the revolution and used as an artistic expression. Theatre scripts often include ideologies and become the mirror of society. In this way, drama or theatre increases social awareness among students and audiences as well. 

Aesthetic appreciation

When you get involved in the theatre, you learn to think out of the box, which increases your aesthetic appreciation.


The expert mentors of theatre college Kansas City, are always devoted to developing and shaping the students in a way that they can contribute to society. These future thespians are the ones who will make others understand the importance of theatre in character building and education.