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How Your Part Time Job Can Shape Your Future Career...

Do you have a part time job right now? Well, it’s worth more than just the money it brings in (as essential as the money is). Indeed, here’s how your part time job could shape your future career… 


First and foremost – a part time job can eventually help you to find your first full time job – even if the two jobs aren’t the least bit related. That’s because employers are more likely to hire someone who’s held down a job before, even if the experience they gained wasn’t directly transferable. 

By committing to regular hours, showing up when you’re expected to and working as part of a wider business, you’re able to secure an advantage over other applicants by demonstrating that you’re someone who’s already started to adjust to the world of work.

This kind of experience is highly valued and will make your future employers feel like you’re a safe pair of hands: it suggests you’re going to be reliable, mature, commercially aware and self-motivated – things that aren’t easy to demonstrate if you’ve never had a part time job before.


Another key benefit of having a part time job is that it will guide the decisions you make for your career ever after. For example, a positive experience working for a publishing house or marketing agency might confirm that you want to pursue a career in the industry, which is useful to know… especially if you’re yet to embark on professional qualifications to help secure the top graduate jobs. 

Equally, a negative experience in your part time job is very useful too. For example, many students work in retail while they’re at school, college or university, and a proportion of those decide that they’d like to stay well away from retail jobs in the future after dealing with tricky customers or putting in long shifts on their feet.

In this sense, a part time job will help to shape your future career by providing clarity about what you really want going forward – and, just as importantly – what you don’t want.

Acquire key skills 

The final way in which a part time job helps to shape your future career is that it will undoubtedly provide you with skills that you can take on elsewhere, whatever direction you take professionally. 

On one hand, you may learn technical skills that can be bought forwards to your future career, such as how to cash up tills, how to use cutting edge hardware and software in retail, or how to handle a disgruntled customer. 
But, you’ll also learn vital life skills - many of which can be transferred outside the workplace into your personal life. For example, you might get the opportunity to sharpen your conflict resolution skills, time management skills, and communication skills too. If you’re working a part time job while you’re studying, you’ll also learn how to balance competing commitments, and even how to negotiate timetabling, rotas and the expectations of various individuals. So, you’ll certainly find your part time job useful!

As you can see, having a part time job can shape your future career in ways you might not immediately realise. So, if you don’t have any part time work yet, start sending out your CV… 

This article was written by Patrick Vernon.