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How To Write A Powerful Statement Of Purpose

Most colleges require a written letter from prospective students as part of the admission requirement for graduate programs. This letter is called "statement of purpose", and you'll probably find that a compelling SOP is the only significant element in the application package.

But what is it and what's its purpose?

It's an opportunity to inform the committee of admission about yourself, beyond test results and résumé. Higher education is not for slackers. It's for those who concentrate and want to study more. Therefore, the admission panel looks very carefully at the statement of purpose or letter of intent. Your statement must include new and different information about you than your other applications for higher education. You do not need to repeat the same material as elsewhere in your application. The admission office may take two to three weeks to verify your application.

How to write SOP?

Writing is not a piece of cake, even for those who speak English as their mother tongue. Why so? Because writing is a technique. It's even more difficult for people who do not speak English as their native language. Grammar is the foundation for effective communication in both speaking and writing, and consequently, whether you are a native speaker or not, you can make a lot of grammar mistakes when writing a SOP.

To write an efficient statement of purpose, follow these tricks:

Use Grammar Checker & Write Grammar Error Free

You no longer need to worry about any grammar confusion. Online grammar checkers are an advanced technology or software tool that modifies incorrect sentences. Grammar checking is now a simple task. The algorithm of these tools are designed to improve basic editing and writing capabilities. As we now know, writing good and accurate statement of purpose is very important to get admission. Accurate punctuation, correct sentences, and proper spellings contribute to creating an effective SOP.

A grammar and spell checker can improve your writing skills in many ways. There will be a lot of mistakes to meet the standard of college where you aspire to admission. This tool identifies spelling errors and incorrect grammar sentences. When executing a grammar check command, it highlights all spelling and grammatical errors. A student can replace wrong words with correct ones.

Use Sentence Rephraser

Paraphrase reflects the thoughts of other people in your own words. It is an important skill that students need to learn so they can write differently. In this case, students will have to work hard to get the relevant knowledge. They need to write a detailed and lengthy statement of purpose. Creating unique material takes a lot of time and effort. Furthermore, students must have excellent writing skills to write an original one. Sometimes, however, students cannot organize their ideas when they are writing an SOP. 

Plagiarism is a big problem when paraphrasing a document. It means you cannot easily repeat the sentence. By rewriting a paragraph to avoid plagiarism, you can successfully create a well-written letter. Free online paraphrasing tool is becoming increasingly popular among students because it is easy to use, produce quality content, and make rewriting plagiarism free.

Plagiarism Checker

A plagiarism test is an effective way to check your written SOP for red flags that indicate plagiarism. This software is helpful for those who are serious about their admission and want to check plagiarism in the document. Tools for plagiarism review are available online. You must check the final draft of your application rather than regret later to be held accountable for plagiarism.

Online tools for detecting plagiarism also shows the percentage of similarity. Many universities use plagiarism software to identify plagiarized statement of purpose. Students must keep their documents plagiarism free. 

Rewriting is another reason for using plagiarism. As mentioned above, the plagiarism inspector highlights the original lines. If you did not paraphrase correctly, use the highlighted material to rewrite them again. Plagiarism has become a serious problem because many students fail to get admission due to a plagiarized SOP. Therefore using plagiarism checker are adequate and suitable for students who are keen to study abroad. 

Use Readability Checker

How easy to read is your paper? Everything from the first paragraph to the last. You want to tell about yourself. Right? Then why to write SOP that is difficult to read?

The readability of the SOP varies and depends on the level. First of all, you should not use tricky words. It means you should avoid slangs and jargons. Try to write simple and easy to understand sentence structure. Also, reduce the length of the sentence.

Avoid too long sentences

Long phrases may be inevitable, but you should avoid using too many phrases containing more than 20 words. Avoid using only short sentences at the same time. Instead, try to mix the length of the sentence.

Use paragraphs and headings

No one likes to read large blocks of text. If it is too lengthy, it can be challenging to focus till the end. Therefore, you need to enter a lot of new lines to make it easier to scan the content. The addition of headings is a smart method that provides a clear text structure and improves readability.

A simple alternative to difficult words

The use of the word “ameliorate” or “expeditious” is fascinating, but it is more difficult to understand the text than “fast” or “improvement.” It is almost always preferable to use common words and synonyms that are not ambiguous.

Use of transition words

Transition phrases are used to form a logical flow between sentences. Without them, the proposal seems divided. General transition words include “but” “for example” and “as such.”

Limit passive voice

When writing, using an overuse of passive voice will create focus less and weaker SOP. For instance, "I was admitted by my father in the college" is passive, while "I got admission in the college" is active voice. As you can understand, the latter is easy to read and quickly determines the subject of the sentence.

To write an efficient statement of purpose, follow these tips:

Brainstorm: The first step is to create an idea. You should include that idea in the written statement of  purpose.

Outline: Write down common points and examples that you want to include. Align the points in a logical order.

First Draft: Following, write according to the outline. Do not think that the first draft should prepare like ready-to-go application. Your first copy can only be available to you. The goal of this project is to present ideas on paper. Focus on content, not style.

Primary Editing: After you get the first draft, you must first edit it to simplify everything.

First Feedback: Now, it's time to take first feedback for a written statement. To do this, you can ask people who are familiar with the admission process.
Second Edit: Review and edit the SOP according to the feedback you received.

Second Feedback: After editing this time, send it for the next round of feedback.

Final Changes: This is the last step after second feedback. Add more lines if needed. Now, correct any sentence flow issues, grammar or spelling errors. Reading aloud the whole document is a great technique to find mistakes.

Upon completion, you can send your SOP to the college!