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How School Websites Are Making World A Better Place

In this technological age, everyone uses some kind of electronic medium for communication, so we can always be available for any message or news we might get at any time. No wonder that a large number of schools are also beginning to learn how to create a school website, or even creating their own social networks in order to facilitate better communications between students, parents, and teachers.

Whether at the elementary, middle or high school level, or even college or university, electronic communications can streamline the process and create a better experience for everyone involved.

Some schools are using programs like EdLine for making sure that parents are up to date on assignments due and that grades for their children being posted. It indeed facilitates communication and makes it easier for parents to stay up to date. Moreover, it even makes it easier for students to stay updated about news or the information that they may have missed due to absences.

However, as any aleady created sources, this kind of programs may not suit needs of your organization. This is why many schools prefer to create their own website that will respond all their expectations.

A school that decided to create educational website and leverage that resource will get greater parent involvement, which will therefore lead to better accountability for their students.  

According to the LinkedIn, schools are moving toward using a “working website” that have tightly integrated digital ecosystem. Your own online resource combined together with the best school website design will allow everyone for 24/7/365 get access to any education-related information. 

Gone will be the days where, when a child misses a day or several days of school, they have to scramble around getting missed assignments and do double duty on the day they return trying to get caught up. 

If a school has a good functional website or social network, students can access the missed assignments in a centrally located site, allowing them to keep from getting too far behind if they have to miss multiple days due to an illness. 

As for teachers, they can stay in communication with their students and parents with ease, without having to remember to write endless notes at the end of the day when they are rushed to try to get their students ready to leave. They can use a variety of communication applications that streamline this process.

At some point, you can use 3rd party integration with your school website to make it more functional. There are a number of school programs that are available for all age levels. Some of them allow teacher to gamify tracking a student’s behavior throughout the day and create a visual tracking method, while others help you provide parents with an access code, so the parents can see in real time how their child is doing throughout the day. 

For high school students, allowing to have easy and direct communications with their teachers will allow them to get help on assignments they struggle with in a timely manner, instead of having to wait until they are back in class, when a teacher may not have the time to give them the one on one assistance that they need. This allows teachers to keep the class time for teaching and use it according to their plans. All the additional help to the students that might be struggling can be done outside of the classroom when it might be more convenient and more discrete for the student.

After all, how often do students not ask for help because they are embarrassed about what others might think about them? Having an opportunity of asking for help online eliminates that for the student, and allows the teacher to be able to give the support personally.

In this current digital climate, there are so many ways that a school website or social network can benefit the staff, the students and the parents. Even beyond that, creating a class website can further add to those benefits.  

Whether looking to just increase communication with parents, or to free up time to help those students who need it, every situation could see gains from having a centrally located online presence. It can be a website that is publicly available or the one that has moderated membership and limited access. 

Even if you think that there is no benefit for you in your situation, you should not discount it so quickly. Be sure to do your due diligence and check out some of the options out there and you might be surprised at what is available to meet the needs of your school, your classroom, and your students.

Social network has been proven a very good way to connect teachers and students in schools. This acts as an informal resume for a person on the professional side and has many benefits on the personal side as well. With the evolving digital climate, it is time for our educational system to embrace the digital age. After all, you might be surprised at how much more you will be able to get accomplished if you ever do.

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