How to Proofread an Essay Yourself?

Essay writing is a task that many applicants and students face. Despite the small volume, the text is able to convey a lot to teachers about the author. That is why before passing it is important to make sure that it does not have the slightest flaws.

The process of editing an essay is quite laborious. It requires not only knowledge of the rules of the language, but also the requirements of a particular educational institution, and profile features. Experienced editors will successfully cope with essay proofreading. However, you can try editing the text yourself. How to do it? Let's try to figure it out!

Step One: Structure

First of all, pay attention to the structure of the text. Regardless of the volume established by the educational institution, the composition must contain:

  • introduction - thesis. The text begins with a key thought, which you will discuss further. It is desirable that she be alone. So you do not get confused yourself and do not confuse the teacher who will read the essay;
  • the main part is the arguments. This section needs special attention. To look convincing, use not empty words as arguments, but the results of your own observations and research, data from authoritative sources, quotes from scientists, etc. This way you will make it clear that you approached the work responsibly and fully studied the topic;
  • conclusions. The conclusion should not completely repeat the previous sections. In a few sentences, you need to summarize and emphasize that the above arguments fully support your position on a particular topic.

In the process of writing, make sure that all sections and the paragraphs contained in them are connected to each other. Avoid abrupt transitions and omissions. The sequence of presentation is a sign of a correctly composed text.

Step Two: Mistakes

Do you want to get a high score? Be sure to check that there are no errors in the text:

  • grammatical;
  • spelling;
  • punctuation;
  • speech;
  • brain teaser;
  • related to compliance with ethical standards, etc.

The presence of errors indicates insufficient preparation for the delivery of the essay. It is best if a professional editor takes care of this task. If you want to check the text yourself, use one of the following methods:

  • carefully reread the text several times, keeping specialized reference books at hand. Are there questions regarding the correct spelling and use of words, punctuation? Look for the appropriate rule and, if necessary, correct the essay;
  • use online services. There are quite a few free and paid platforms on the Internet designed for proofreading essays. However, remember that they do not always give 100% correct information.

Step Three: an outside perspective

Before submitting an essay, ask relatives, friends, and classmates to read it. A person who has not previously seen the text can immediately discern errors or inaccuracies and help in the editing process. With outside help, you can really make the essay more interesting and understandable for teachers.

We hope these simple tips will help you succeed!