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How a PRINCE2 qualification can help shape your future career

If you have ever thought about becoming a project manager then you will find that PRINCE2 is a qualification you will often see on the requirements for this type of job, and there is a good reason for that. PRINCE2 is a project management methodology that is incredibly useful for project managers. With this qualification, you will find that so many doors opening up to you and your future career will become clearer than it was before. PRINCE2 shapes your career in many great ways:

It makes you more employable

Qualifications that you have sought in your own time and of your own volition are always greatly valued by employees. Even if project management isn’t relevant to the role you are applying for, your demonstration of initiative and dedication is something that many employees wish there was more of. PRINCE2 provides you with a range of different skills and tools that can be utilised in almost any role and industry, which is why it is one of the most popular qualifications available.

It lays the foundations for further training and qualifications

While PRINCE2 is one of the most popular project management methodologies, it is still only one of many. There are many different qualifications that go hand in hand with PRINCE2 that many organisations want to utilise, such as APMP and PRINCE2 Agile. When you already have PRINCE2 under your belt, your employers will be able to see the potential for training you further and making you a more specialised project manager that matches the organisation and industry. With these further courses you will be putting yourself on the path to being a real project management professional and improving the quality of positions that you are qualified for.

Opens up options for working abroad

As well as being the UK standard for project management, PRINCE2 is a method that is used worldwide within a range of different industries. If you have ever thought about working abroad, PRINCE2 is a qualification that you will find very beneficial. It is one of the rare qualifications that are approved of by companies all over the world, which means that it may improve your chances of finding work overseas should you wish to relocate after your education.

Increases your chances of being promoted

What a lot of professionals in project and programme management recommend is that, rather than immediately applying for project manager roles, you should first work to find an industry or company that you’re interested in. Then, once you have found yourself a position in this industry – no matter how different it might be from the role you want – you can use the PRINCE2 qualification to move up in the company. Some organisations can be particularly difficult to infiltrate when you aim for high paying, more challenging positions. Often they look for individuals with a lot of experience to fill these roles. So, rather than working for years in organisations that you intend to leave, consider working your way from the bottom up in a company that you want to stay in. Many companies prefer to hire internally when positions become available.

So, by taking the PRINCE2 course, you will have a better chance of getting the job you want in the company you want.

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