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How to Prepare Yourself for College

There were around 20 million college students in the United States last year. Now that you’ve finished high school, you’ll be part of this number this year if you pursue a college education.

Although you can expect to face greater challenges in this part of your life, college can be fun and rewarding, too.

If you’re planning to go to college this year, your major shield in facing all the challenges in college is good preparation.

Here are some tips to help you do that:

1. Go on a campus tour

Even if you’ve already toured the campus when you were college hunting, you should still take time to visit your chosen college campus.

This time, familiarise yourself with the locations of important buildings such as the library, classrooms, housing, and where campus activities are usually held.

2. Practice great organisation skills

Organizing is a very important skill in life regardless of what career you’d like to pursue. In your college preparation, you’d like to improve this skill.

Organise your room, your schedule, or your notes to stay on top of your college life. Today, you can take advantage of modern tools like organisational apps to help you in this step.

3. Establish your accommodation

Whether you plan to stay outside the campus or in a dormitory, ensure that you have your accommodation covered.

If you’re staying inside the campus, check if you can request for a location that’s near your classes to save time.

If you’re planning to stay outside the school, ensure that you find something that would best fit your needs and budget.

Ensure that you read the lease completely and that you know what the landlord expects.

4. Pack wisely

Regardless of the type of accommodation you choose, you can’t just bring everything you’d want with you.

Check with your roommates to know what he or she is bringing so you don’t bring in the same appliances, for example.

If you plan to get the help of movers, contact them ahead of time since movers will be busy during this time as their services will also be needed by other students going to college.

5. Make a budget

You don’t want to end your first semester in college with no money left.

Take time to discuss your budget with your parents. Include everything you can in your budget such as cell phone, books, transportation, food, and personal items.

You also need to know all your financial obligations. Learn about different possible ways to boost your student finances.

6. Learn important life skills

Because your parents won’t be living with you during college, it’s important to know how to cook, wash your clothes, clean, or do banking transactions.

Perhaps you can practice cooking simple meals at home and wash you own clothes before leaving for college.

Ensure that you have a savings account that you can access for paying your bills and withdrawing money as needed.

7. Learn to love reading

A very useful skill you’d constantly use in college is reading. Learn how to read effectively.

If you have at least five classes in one semester, expect to do tons of reading.

Take time to read as much as you can to prepare for your first semester of classes.

8. Learn to socialise

Think about each person you meet as someone you might need along the way. Be friendly with everyone you meet, learn their names, and be genuinely interested in them.

Learning how to network is also an important life skill.

9. Participate

Aside from establishing a network of people, you’d also want to participate in organisations, clubs or part-time jobs that will give you that feeling of being part of something.

These activities might also come in handy for your creating an impressive resume later.

10. Learn the skill of time management

Most college freshmen struggle with time management because of several classes, part-time jobs, extracurricular activities, and their social life.

Expect to have a busy life in college and here’s where time management comes in handy. Practice scheduling and prioritising so that you can get everything done in a timely fashion.

11. Keep your health in check

You don’t want to be sick during your first semester in college. Exercise, eat a healthy and balanced diet, and go to regular dental and doctor appointments.

Like the adage says, prevention is better than cure, and you’d want to keep illnesses away. In case you feel sick during the school year, visit your campus health clinic for help.  

Final thoughts

Don’t feel overwhelmed with your first year in college because you can make your being a freshman incredible.

Follow the given tips to ensure success in your life inside and outside the classroom. Continue to work hard all through college and keep your eyes on the reward that graduation brings.