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How To Prepare For Moving To Uni

Gone are the stressful days of submitting UCAS forms and biting your fingernails in anticipation of their response. Now is the time to enjoy the process of securing a place to live, buying textbooks and looking forward to that first student loan.

Whether you are living in halls or are looking for rented accommodation, there are loads of ways you can make moving away from home a simple, smooth and exciting process.


The worst thing you can do is pack at the very last minute. That is a sure-fire way to forget something essential or create chaos when it comes to unpacking at the other side. The more time you give yourself, the easier the process will be; especially if you are someone who becomes easily distracted.

A fantastic method to make the packing process as simple as possible is the three-box method.

Box one: items you want to keep
Box two: items to give away
Box three: items to throw away

Over the years you will have accumulated loads of possessions, some will hold sentimental value whilst others will be a spur of the moment purchase that was swiftly forgotten about. You won’t need to take everything you own to university with you but now is the best time to organise your space.

Pick a corner in your room and work clockwise. Any items or keepsakes that can be used whilst at uni, put in box one. If you have items that you no longer want but are in pretty good condition, put in box two.

Whether you let your friends raid the box and take what they want or donate it to a local charity shop, take this opportunity to do something green. Any broken, damaged, or really old items that are no good to you or anybody else; put in box three.


If you are moving into halls (and some rented accommodation) you can expect a desk, a chair and a bed. Some places will be completely unfurnished. There are some obvious items you need to take with you, like bedding and a toothbrush etc, but there are a few things that may not be on your list that are easily missed yet essential.

Thankfully Anna, a UCAS blogger, has come to your aid. She has created a comprehensive list of what you will need for each room to help you hit all the bases.


Don’t wait until you are in your new accommodation to do your first food shop. Whilst most people tend to stick with the supermarket their parents use, you will now be on a budget making every penny count. Finding the best deals really can make all the difference. Contrary to popular stereotypes, you don’t have to live on beans and pasta for the next three years or longer. Being savvy with where you shop means you can enjoy real, wholesome food without having to break the bank.

Websites like My Supermarket have already done the hard work for you. Simply choose a supermarket to begin, select the item you want and a comparison will be drawn showing you which store will give you the best deal. You can even add items that you are going to buy regularly to a list for future use. Supermarkets constantly update their deals so bookmark this and keep checking back.


A lot of people will try to make the big move in one car in one go. This may be a cost-effective method if you have minimal belongings and are looking to purchase a lot of items on the other side, but if you are planning on bringing a lot of your belongings to university with you there is another option that may not be as expensive as you think.

Quality removal companies will offer a tailored quote based on your individual needs. So, if you have more possessions than could fit into one trip, but not so much as to hire a removals truck, you could opt for man-and-van-style move. These types of moves are usually priced on an hourly basis so it is likely that it won’t be as expensive as you think. Not only does this mean you can transport all your belongings in one sweep, the moving company will also provide all the packing materials and take care of the loading and unloading on your behalf.

Once you have unpacked and settled into your new accommodation, the only thing left to do is get to know your new roommates and start getting ready for freshers’ week.

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