How to Overcome the Challenge of Being an International Student

Nobody will argue – studying is hard, especially abroad. The students that stay in their home countries are faced with many obstacles as it is, including the following:

  • Trying to understand the new complex concepts
  • Handling numerous assignments at once
  • Balancing their social and academic lives.

The international students have the additional difficulty of being alone in a completely new environment. In this article, we’ve gathered the most common issues for everyone studying abroad and explain how to overcome them.

Common Challenges

Every international student faces the challenges below to some extent. The most important thing to know is that many learners abroad have already dealt with the issues before you. So, you don’t need to be afraid: with our tips, you’ll become another successful international student.

Cultural Differences

Probably, the biggest issue for a student abroad is getting used to the customs and peculiarities of another country. Many learners have serious problems adapting, and some cannot accept the change. Due to this, some students decide to quit studying abroad and return to their home country.

Issues With Studying

The different approaches to teaching can create quite an unexpected dissonance in the learner’s mind. They’re used to the prevalent teaching style in their homeland and don’t even consider a possibility that it can differ.

Interaction With People

Interacting and communicating with other people is also quite a big obstacle for most international students. Not only do you have to open up to others, but you also have to do it in another language. Many decide to act shy and stay quiet throughout their time at the university.


The feelings of alienation and aloneness come over many international students, especially during the first months. Again, this is a big issue that can change your mind about studying abroad and result in your dropping out.

Financial Pressures

Last but not least, the trouble of handling your finances is even more evident in another country. A lot of young learners overestimate their funds and end up being in constant debt. As the financial mismanagement goes on, the problem gets only worse.

Helpful Tips to Help You Deal With Being an International Student

Apart from having someone such as to do a college essay edit through an online service, how do international students deal with issues? Well, there is not one single solution to all of the problems students abroad are dealing with.

The tips we gathered below are positive things that will only be efficient if you commit to most of them. They’re interconnected and can positively influence or work towards solving multiple problems, including the following:

  • Improving communication skills
  • Making you more confident
  • Helping you enjoy college life
  • Making you feel less homesick
  • Improving your attitude toward studying

Learn More About the Culture and Accept It

When you’re studying abroad, the only option you have is to adapt. You definitely shouldn’t try and change other people’s opinions to suit your worldview. Instead, try to learn the roots of the culture you’re in. It’ll give you a lot of contexts and make the process of adaptation much easier.

Try the Local Cuisine

A great place to start interacting with any foreign cuisine is through its food. It’s tasty and will open up your horizons. So, please don’t shy away from buying yourself some new and interesting foods, be it street food or at a restaurant. Plus, it’ll be a big money saver, because local cuisine is always cheaper than trying to buy something international.

Join Extracurricular Activities

Feeling overly shy or hesitant when interacting with others? It’s a common problem for an international student that can only be dealt with more human interaction. We recommend joining an extracurricular activity where you’ll closely work with different small groups of people. It’ll boost your confidence in talking and interacting with random people.

Partake in all Social Activities at the University

After joining an extracurricular activity club, you might want to make use out of every social opportunity from the university. Check their website often – you’ll see everything from excursions to big events. In any case, it’ll keep you busy and steer you away from homesickness.

Stop Checking Your Social Media for a While

Furthermore, we recommend muting the social pages of your friends at home. Constantly seeing reminders that all your previous friends are in your home country won’t do any good for your mental health. So, mute those pages and start interacting with people that are actually around you.

Each Month, Set Your Budget

It’s an essential part of being a successful international student. If you won’t set your budget and divide your expenses, then you’ll often end up without any money for food. Be extremely careful with how you spend your money because you’re in a foreign country after all.

Get a Part-Time Job

Feel like you successfully dealing with both the academic and social aspects of college life? Well, then you might want to look for an easy part-time job. Having a job will increase your monthly allowance and empower you with more opportunities. However, don’t choose a job that will significantly disrupt your college life.

Remember to Have Fun

In general, studying is an amazing experience, because you can do so much throughout your studies. Only a small part of what you’ll do encompasses the following:

  • Fall in love as a young adult
  • Meet your long-term friends
  • Go to parties and social events
  • Partake in important matters
  • Go to new landmarks and important places.

Considering how many opportunities you’ll have at your college, you have to approach it with an open mind. If you’re truly enjoying your time there, no problem will be a significant issue for you.