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How to Make a Professor Give You Best Marks For Your Essay

You have tried everything you can to improve your essay writing but the marks you get still do not leave you happy. This is the case in almost every subject you are doing. You know that getting good marks in your essay will help you move on to the next grade, your first degree, honors, masters or Ph.D. So you are asking yourself what the professors pay attention to when they check your paper. We took some time to go into the heads of professors and came up with this article that will help you to focus on what is important in your college writing.

Before going into the gist of the issue, let’s make it clear that this article is aimed at someone who already has the skill, time, and confidence to write their own essays. If you happen not to have one of the three things we mentioned in the last sentence, then you will need more college essay writing help. This is the reason why a custom essay writing service like EssayService is something you should seriously consider. They can help you get a great mark by showing you how an essay should be written. The writers at this company know what they are doing; after all, most of them are teachers so they think just like our professor.

Avoid Plagiarism

Okay, now this is a big one and we should start with it; plagiarism. Before your professor starts marking your paper, the first thing they want to see is that it is not plagiarized. But what is plagiarism, you ask?

You are guilty of plagiarism if you steal someone else’s ideas, language, opinions and words and present them as if they were your own original work. In academic and other writing circles, when you plagiarize, you are considered dishonest.

Even though plagiarism is not an offense that is punishable by law, institutions take it very seriously. I am sure you are now asking whether to buy an essay does not constitute plagiarism. Well, the answer is no. The team of writers writing your essay ensure that it is original, they are professionals after all. When you buy a paper, the idea is not for you to take it straight to your professor as it is. The paper should be a basis from which you will then write your own essay. This is how you learn.

Understand the Question

It doesn’t matter how well written your essay is; if you are not answering the question, you will note get the high grade that we all want. Before you set pen to paper, be clear about what the question is asking you to do. Before professors give an assignment to students, they start by sitting down and asking themselves what they want the task given to accomplish. When they start checking a paper, they already have defined expectations.

Many students don’t know this, but professors are always willing to engage students before an essay deadline arrives. It is your right as a student to approach the lecturer and ask them what they are looking for in the essay. If you have any confusion about the question, use this time to clarify those issues. Professors are generally busy people so you may want to place an appointment ahead of meeting them with their secretary if they have one. You could also use the class interactions you have with the teacher to ask any questions you have. This does not help only yourself, it can also help the other members of your class.

Know The Three General Categories

An essay is different from a Mathematics question that has a particular answer which is either right or wrong. In essay writing, a marker is able to accept a wide range of answers; of course as long as they address the question. Since a broad range of responses is acceptable, this means that every answer has some form of merit.

When professors mark a paper, they need to have a systematic way of going about this, otherwise, the marking becomes subjective and can easily be challenged. You know this group of people does not like to be successfully challenged. The marking process is broken into broad categories. These are mechanics, ideas, and the argument. By using these three broad categories, it is easy for an instructor to make constructive comments about a student's essay. The marker will be able to tell you what the strengths and weaknesses of your essay are.

When the teacher clarifies how they marked your essay, it is easy for you to correct these mistakes when you write next time. This clarity also ensures that students are less confused about the grades they get and it reduces the risk of them making claims that the marking process is based on the whims of the marker.

Present Ideas Clearly

The main reason behind learning is that you should understand the ideas. When checking an essay, there are a number of questions the professor is asking themselves in terms of how the student is understanding the concept under discussion. For example, they ask whether the student is comprehending sources read and cited while preparing to write the essay. This understanding will be shown by the way you interpret the ideas of the scholars you use to support your argument.

To make the professor give you a good grade, start the essay by looking at the keywords in the question. Soon after the introduction, define these words. Do not just define them using your own opinion; show that you took some time to find out what academics and scholars are saying about these terms and quote them. Show that you have an ability to paraphrase the ideas of others and interpret them in your own words. Show the professor that you understand the subject. Do not be wandering from one subject to the next without offering your own opinion of what you think is being said. 

Make Your Argument Convincingly

In an essay, you are selling a particular point of view. You could be agreeing with a statement or disagreeing with it, discussion the advantages and disadvantages of something or giving a description of a phenomenon. The first thing that someone checking your paper will do is to find out if it is easy to determine the argument you are making. In most cases, this should be clear right from the introduction.

If you want a professor to look at your work favorably and give you a high mark, ensure that you declare what your main point is right from the word to go. Once you have affirmed the leading point of the essay, you need to break the concept down into a succession of points that will support the thesis you have made. Ensure that the points you are making move forward in a logical manner. One point should seamlessly lead to the next in paragraphs that are properly thought out.

If you make any generalizations in the essay, ensure that you support them using credible evidence. Professors do not like to hear just your opinion; they want you to show that you are thinking in an academic way. Feel free to criticize the views of the scholars you cite in the essay. This will show the marker that you are providing an objective view. Avoid contradicting yourself, unless it’s what the question is asking of you.  

Focus on Style and Mechanics

You can have the greatest idea after Isaac Newton, but if that idea is not presented properly, very few people would want to read it, including your professor. Imagine attempting to read through a paper written in different fonts, where sentences do not have full stops, and no attempt has been made at dividing the essay into sections. Unless you are the most tolerating person on earth, you will approach such an essay which a foul attitude.

In terms of style and mechanics, ensure that you know the tone required for a particular essay and use that tone to clarify what your point of view is. Grammatical and spelling errors are no longer excusable; there are many online sources now that you can use to check your work before you present it. You will also need to ensure that the essay is written using the right type of English for the country in which you live.


In order for your professor to like your work, you do not have to be their pet; you just need to know what they are looking for when they are checking your work. As you write your essay, think like the marker.

Always remember that it is in the interest of your professor that you do well; they want to be seen as good teachers. Always remember that if you find the work overwhelming you, you can get college essay writing help from a number of resources available on the internet. Speak to your professor by scheduling time during office hours to discuss questions you do not understand.

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