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How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

Getting to the top of the online casino game is a tough challenge. Once you have managed to get a gambling license and circumnavigate the 'dodgy' perception that many have about online gambling in general, a huge investment is needed to even begin to get near the established market players. There are some big names cemented at the top, with years of brand-building experience and dedicated customers who allow them to generate high profits year after year. There is however another way to squeeze some money out of online casinos, with many online casinos offering affiliate programs that can be taken advantage of.

In the world of online gambling, website traffic is everything. As with physical, 'real-life' casinos, the aim of the game is to get customers through the door and hooked on the latest shiny game that makes them think they could possibly beat the casino. The market leaders spend quite literally millions each year on advertising, brand awareness and targeted marketing, as well as looking at 'out of the box' solutions that will help to attract punters to their websites. The easiest way of generating a site visitor is by making them click on a link that takes them to a desired page, usually a landing page or relevant casino game that relates to the text. These links can be subtly hidden in an interesting article about something completely different, or can be emblazoned across something a bit more brazen. 

Getting these links onto websites with high traffic are essential, so gambling companies actively seek partners or 'affiliates' who will share their website popularity in order to generate more website hits. Although this is cost effective for online casino companies compared to expensive advertising and marketing campaigns, the amounts of money being paid for this service are quite substantial for website owners. The way affiliate marketing works is the affiliate marketer will host online casino reviews on their site and provide the option to follow through to their website, the link will have a tracking code and every time a new customer comes through an affiliate link the online casino pays out a certain percentage of the player’s total losses to that affiliate marketer. This may seem like a slow process considering not many people may sign up to one given casino through an affiliates website but as an affiliate marketer you are not tied down to one online casino and this is where it gets interesting for those looking to make a decent amount of money. In order to make a reasonable amount of money an affiliate marketer will have several reviews of different online casinos all with affiliate links in them allowing them to receive money from all casinos they are providing new customers to, not only does this help them receive more money but it also allows them to have more content on their affiliate website resulting in more traffic and potentially more conversions through their affiliate links.

The way this would work in a real life situation for those owning sites would be for an affiliate marketer to first bring in visitors to their website which through Google Adwords would cost them a fee. In a hypothetical scenario it could cost them $1 per visitor coming into the site through Adwords. Let’s assume that one out of 100 of these visitors click through and become a new customer to an online casino. The average casino will pay out roughly $300-$400 for a new customer based on their lifetime value of $800 meaning that an affiliate marketer will be making $3-$4 for every $1 they spend on advertising alone. 

The deal is a win win situation for both the affiliates and the online casino as they pay out on a performance based system meaning if the links don’t convert they don’t pay out but the benefit of bringing in new customers when they do work is worth the money they pay out to those affiliates. This assures that the casinos are only paying for results and not for the actual marketing efforts.

Some of the most common affiliate websites are blogs. Many bloggers spend years cultivating their audiences, either finding a niche subject or taking a blanket approach and writing about anything and everything. Blogs are free to start, can take as much time to run and improve as the user wants to put in and can quickly become well-read thanks the magic of internet sharing. For this reason, setting up blogs, along with content websites and user groups is very popular with students.

Highly recommended online casino websites like 888casino pay out millions to affiliate program members each year and has one of the best and most renowned affiliate marketing programs out there, with some affiliate websites gaining the entirety of their income from hosting links that take visitors to different online casinos. The really attractive part of the proposition is that affiliates are paid via a profit share, which can be huge when it comes to established gaming companies, especially in comparison to other part-time student jobs.

Affiliate marketing shouldn’t be treated as an easy way to get a cut of online casino profits, it is challenging and requires patience but for those that stick with it and work hard on their affiliate marketing the rewards can be great as Josh Chan found out. As the old adage goes, if you can't beat them, join them.

This article was provided by James Pearson.