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How To Help Your Child's Language Development Journey Become An Amazing One...

Children are taught to speak and understand the language even before they read and write the same. Some of the principles followed may be through positive reinforcement, small group learning, make learning fun, and repeated hearing as well as songs, rhymes, stories, etc. It is always an amazing and fun experience for kids to learn through Helen Doron method which includes the pupils from the age of 3 months to 19 years. 

Language learning is very crucial in a child’s growth and it is the base for the literacy of the child. Children in their first year to third learn and start understanding more than they speak and use as their language. The first step towards helping the child with the language learning process will be to talk with him frequently and naturally. The ways in which your child’s language development journey can be made an amazing one may be as follows


Parents should talk a lot to the baby and also give them the opportunity to reply or express even if it is just babbling or coos. It is like both parent and the kid takes turns and expresses their views. The kid will be encouraged to express more sounds if the parent imitates him. 


Babies when they grow up a little start expressing small and easy words and different body gestures to communicate the thoughts. At this point of time, parents can help the child with language development by translating his body gestures into words and making him respond again. For example, if the child shows some toy, you can ask whether he needs it or he wants it to be taken to him. The child will start understanding the language slowly in such cases. Helen Doron English follows a learning method for teaching English to children by reproducing the same style as to how the children learn their mother tongue


Parents should find time certainly for the kids and speak with them about what is happening in their life as well as the child’s life. Maybe the child at first instance may not understand but surely will sooner. Talk to the baby about things related to him as he can easily get the point. When the child starts talking, parents have to encourage him to narrate some stories, speak about any favorite incidents like a picnic, zoo trip using past tenses, etc. 


The parents should use different words while speaking to build the vocabulary of the kid. As a kid, their brain is capable of storing all the words with similar meaning easily. This can also be done by reading various story books from the basic with lots of attracting pictures. Pictures about the story narrate more than the words. Later the complexity of the story books can be increased so as to build up new words. The kids also start understanding the connection between reading and speaking through this way. Children generally find ways of games interesting. A game of repeating the same word with more prefixes and suffixes can be played with the kid to help them in sentence formation.

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