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How to Get Out of Your Depressive Mood When Applying for College

Tis the season! It’s application time – every high school students dream, right? Of course that statement was made in jest.

Most high schoolers dread the days where they need to apply for college.

In addition to the thoughts and emotions swirling around in their minds about if they will be accepted or not, they need to stay focused on filling out paperwork and writing their essays, among many other things that colleges demand today.

Naturally, this causes many future college students to experience, or even deepen, their depression.

Depression is already quite common among teens in high school. Adding more on to their plate during college application season just seems flat out unfair.

To make matters worse, most colleges require more from prospective students than they ever have before.

More people are applying than ever before, so in that regard it makes sense. However, what they want out of these potential students during the application process currently resembles boot camp. It is also now considered more than complicated.

Then, in the same discussion, colleges claim that they are taking a proactive role in combatting mental health issues such as depression. Yet, they are a significant contributor to these disorders.

It’s clear that colleges aren’t going to change the structure of their application process.

So, this leaves one option: potential students need to adapt in order to stay focused and in a healthy state of mind, and out of a depressive mood. Let’s explore some of the ways this can be done.

1. Evaluate your mental state and take action

Before even applying to college, you need to determine if you’re already living with a mental disorder like depression. If so, you’ll need to take care of that first.

Speak to a licensed professional to see if you’re clinically depressed, or find out yourself by taking a self-help depression screening.

As a general rule: you should not apply to college if you’re dealing with depression.

This disorder affects many aspects of your lifestyle, including procrastination and a feeling of no desire to complete any tasks at all.

Knowing that you need to complete the application process is not the same as actually following through with it. Overcoming your mental illness should be priority number one.

2. Understand it’s not the end of the world

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself! Try to keep in mind that the people with the most success in life failed many times until they broke through and succeeded.

If you’re one of the lucky ones to get an instant acceptance letter from the first college you apply to, then congratulations!

You are likely part of a small group of people to experience that. The reality, though, is that most people apply to a wide range of colleges until they’re accepted into a desirable one.

Keep in mind that it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get accepted into your preferred choice.

College can have really positive effects on your life. But, that’s just it. “College” in general can do that – it’s not about which college, especially if you’re applying to a long list of good schools.

3. Comedy is the best remedy

When dealing with depression, it’s easy to let your mind take you to some dark places. Instead of letting your mind dictate things, try to find the humor in it all.

After all, comedy is a powerful tool against depression. Think about some of the ridiculous asks these colleges are making, and have a laugh about it.

Almost everyone shares the same thoughts about the absurdity of the current process.

Heck, even people on Reddit got in on the action (albeit regarding a slightly different angle). This is how the general population feels; it’s likely college administrators themselves are laughing too.

Keeping yourself laughing can do wonders, and can even improve both your application process on a whole and your creativity as well.

That creativity can come in handy when writing your essay.

Just remember to get your emotions under control and keep it simple. Going in with the right frame of mind can do wonders.