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How to Choose Which Uni Is Best for You

With so many students looking to further their education past college and are eager to experience the university lifestyle, you are going to need to learn quickly about choosing the right university for you. With a plethora of Universities available to young adults across the UK, narrowing down university visits, securing place at your chosen university, attending the right university and gaining the correct qualifications is becoming an increasingly difficult task. This is due to the many factors behind making the right decisions when looking at Uni’s. However, by answering the following questions, you will be sure to easily compare universities and find the right course for you!

Choose Your Course

Although this seems like one of the easier tasks to complete, a lot of students are unsure as to what field of work they want to work in. Students often have this problem due to the number of interests they have and participate in. However, through talking to close friends and loved ones, you are sure to come to a decision as to what field of work interests you the most and will work best in. 

If you still haven’t pinpointed the correct course, but have got a better understanding as to what type of work you enjoy the most, you could consider a course which includes a work placement. 

How Do You Like to Learn?

Do exams make you feel sick? Or are you actually quite good at performing under pressure and quite enjoy it? Perhaps you’re a very academic person? Or maybe you are more of a practical learner? 

How well you enjoy your course and how well you perform throughout your course will all depend on if it suits your style of learning. Due to us all being individual people and having different methods of absorbing and retaining information, we warrant specific teaching styles in order to perform to the best of our ability. For example, if you more of a practical learner, it is best to avoid courses that involves a lot of theory and focus on those that are very hands-on.

Check the Rankings

We are all aware that Oxford and Cambridge are top Universities, but did you know that Coventry University is one of the best Universities when opting to study TV & Film? Or that Sussex University has a world-leading chemistry department? When researching universities, you need to look at their overall rankings as well as how well regarded their courses are.

Where Do You Want to Study?

Choosing where in the world you want to go to University is a very important decision to make. How far away from home do you want to live and/or study? It is important to remember that some courses last for up to 5 years, therefore, if you choose to go to university on the other side of the country, your ability to see your friends and family back at home is going to be very limited. However, choosing to study close to home can really limit your options, especially if you are currently located in an area that isn’t particularly close to a university that has your course available. 

Before even looking at Universities, you need to answer a few very important questions that will decide where you study. These questions may seem very hard and time consuming, however by not answering them, you are running the risk of hating every second of your University experience and gaining a qualification that will not come into use later on in life. 

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