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How can I pursue my career as an accountant?

With so many different roles available in accounting, the first thing you’re going to have to decide is which area you want to specialise in. From financial accounting, to forensic accounting, deciding your career path is the first step!

After you have found your specialist subject, research what qualifications are required. The necessary qualifications could differ depending on your specialised topic or what company you choose to work for.

Although you don’t need to have completed a degree or have taken any specific BTECs or A-levels, certain subjects such as maths and economics are preferred. The AAT qualification is the minimal level at which is necessary for the majority of accountancy jobs. Following this you have the choice to do further education and get higher level qualifications such as ACA, ACCA or CIMA. These are necessary if you wish to become a chartered accountant.  Are you organised? Good at problem solving? If so, accounting could be right for you. Other relevant skills which are also necessary include numeracy and analytics. For more information on what qualifications and skills are required, visit UCAS.

Why should I become an accountant?

There are lots of positives when it comes to becoming an accountant and it can be very rewarding.

Companies will always need an accountant to track their finances, therefore Accountancy is a profession which will always be in demand, wherever you choose to live or whenever you choose to pursue your career, accountancy firms will always be around.

Working as an accountant gives you the opportunity to work for yourself, enabling you to choose when you work and although your work comes with a lot of responsibility, it also comes with great respect because people are trusting you with their business.

Within Accountancy firms, there is always room for progression. One day you could be the next Managing Director! Being an accountant has the potential to pay good money depending on your position.

Who can I work for?

There are multiple work environments you could choose to be a part of, including working for yourself, working within a small business, for example a local Chartered Accountants called Mitchell Charlesworth which consists of Warrington based accountants. They also have offices in Chester, Liverpool, Manchester and Widnes. You could also work for a larger, global company, for example Deloitte which offers services around the world.

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