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Interior Design For Your Student Accommodation

University is well known for being the best years of your life – and it’s hard to disagree. It’s the time when you finally get to move out of your childhood town, breathe in the life of independence, and truly explore your favourite subject which will hopefully go on to support you well into your chosen career.

However, one thing we don’t often talk about, is how difficult moving away can be. It’s a big step to take, and it’s often overlooked how much the change can affect us.

You go from living in your comfortable childhood home, with your parents to lean on for financial security and cooking all of your meals – to suddenly being on your own in the big bad world, paying your own way, cooking your own meals and even having the responsibility of doing your own studies and actually getting yourself to lectures on time.

It’s perfectly ordinary to have feelings of home sickness, but we have a solution to that.

Creating a dorm room that feels like home is so important, because it gives you a place for privacy – particularly if you’re in shared accommodation.

It also gives you a little slice of home comfort to enjoy on an evening, and a safe haven for you to recharge and rejuvenate in. Here is how focusing on interior design could help to make your university room feel like home. 

1. Neutrality is good – make the most of it!

Okay, so if you’ve ever been assigned a university dorm room, you’ll know this – it tends to be completely plain, and in neutral colours.

A lot of people assume that this immediately leaves it as being less cosy and homely than it should be, however, if you ask experts such as Speed Property Buyers, they’ll be the first to tell you that neutral colours are actually one of the best selling techniques when it comes to putting homes on the property market. Who knew!

The reason these rooms are so plain, is because they’re inhabited by a new person on a yearly basis, so they can’t really be painted personally.

However, for the year you’re living there it is your home, so make the most of it! Believe it or not a neutral colour scheme can lend itself very well to putting your own stamp on things. This is why it’s such a good selling point.

It gives you complete free reign to transform the rest of the room in whatever colours you wish.

You can choose whatever bedding, posters, curtains you like – and either way, it’s not going to clash with the base coat!

When you think about it like that, it’s pretty cool that you’re given so much headway in designing your own space. Think of it as a blank canvas, and you’re the artist.

2. Pictures are everything

Moving away from home can be incredibly difficult, because you don’t get to see the same faces every day that you usually do.

Chances are you’ve grown up with the friends and family you have around you, and although moving on and making new friends can be exciting, it doesn’t make missing your ones from home any easier. 

It doesn’t matter whether it’s old family photographs, or fun snaps that you and your friends took on your iPhone last Summer.

Make the effort to have them all printed off, and stick them around your space. If you like, you could even frame the special ones.

Having these small pieces of the people you love around you will help you through your lonely and difficult days in your time at university. Remember, they’re only a phone call away!

3. Ensure your bed is a work free zone

Last of all, but by no means least, we would strongly recommend investing in a desk if there’s not one already in the room.

Because you’re mainly confined to your bedroom space at university, it’s important to separate your work space from your relaxation space.

Of course, you might spend quite a lot of your working time in lectures or at the library, but it’s extremely likely that at some point, you’ll have to do work at home.

Try to keep your bed as a tranquil, and work free space. This is the place you go to sleep, and escape from the things you’re worried about.

If you do this, your small space will very quickly open up, and you’ll find it a lot easier living there – trust us.