Getting a TV Show Host Job: 7 Tips for Soon-to-Be Graduates

TV show hosts hold a special place in our minds. They are celebrities yet come across as someone you have known all along. If you had grown up watching TV shows with your family, those experiences might be what inspired you to become one.

Whether you want to interview popular celebrities or discuss important political affairs, being a TV show host can be an influential role to play. However, as popular as this job is, there is very little guidance available on becoming one.

In order to get selected as a talk show host, you need a few qualities that will impress the producers. This article will discuss the skills that you can nurture when eyeing for the job for a TV show host.

1. How to Prepare Your Job Application?

Similar to a portfolio, you will need to put together some materials for this job application as well. You will, of course, need a headshot, a resume, and a hosting reel. If you need guidance, you can consult a career advice expert in the industry or use professional resume building services like to highlight your qualifications and skills. However, crafting a winning resume is only one part of the package.

To create a hosting reel, you only need some basic professional video equipment and a decent script. You have to give importance to the audio recording. Bad audio gives the worst impression to the viewers of your reel. For the background, you can either go for a specific location or a green screen. The latter will allow you to edit any picture or footage you want. Make sure the final reel quality is top-notch, as this is the first step that could help you land an interview.

2. Preparing for the Audition

Your education in the industry can get you only so far. The tricky part comes once you have got the audition. Audition for the position of a TV host can be very different from an acting job. If you are working with someone else, you might have to sit for a 'chemistry test.'

This is to understand how you get along with the other host. What can help you here is the ability to charm people. Do whatever feels right to be confident in your own skin and work the room. If you are a bit nervous, talk to others in the room, and warm up your conversational skills.

3. Dressing for the Audition

When you are auditioning, you need the casting directors to remember you, and your personal style will contribute immensely to that. It is no news that we all remember the signature dressing style of famous TV hosts.

Make sure that you choose the attire that reflects professionalism and your personality. Go for subtle makeup, as a heavy one could divert the attention of the audience. A flashy appearance is certainly not the right choice if you are hosting a discussion.

The same goes for the hairstyle as well. Of course, as your career progresses, you will have professionals working on all these factors. But when you are auditioning, you will have to get your look just right.

4. Working With the TelePrompter

The one indispensable skill that all TV show hosts should have is teleprompter reading. The key is to talk to the camera, the same way you would to a person. Anything you wouldn't do when talking to a real person should not be done in front of the camera. You will have to focus on the fluidity, tone, sincerity, pronunciation, and other aspects simultaneously.

One of the ways you can pick up this skill is to watch others do it. You will get an idea of what to do and what not to do. Watching a good TV show host will never give you the impression that they are acting. A great delivery will convince you there is nothing in between the audience and the host except for the natural conversation taking place.

If you need an edge, familiarize yourself with the technical aspects of teleprompter and IFB. Like any other job, the more skills you possess, the better you come across as a candidate in the recruiter's eye.

5. Focus on Consistency

Television continues to be a popular form of entertainment. You are likely to interact with people from different fields. It would be best if you mastered the art of communicating with all personalities, respectfully and skillfully. One of your main responsibilities is to make the audience, as well as the guests, feel comfortable. The mood in the room will depend on your energy.

You may have to try out new styles of speaking and adjust your approach from one person to another. As you guess, this is a trait you will probably never stop working on. It will require a lot of effort, willingness, and preparation. Most importantly, adjacent to all this, you have to strive to keep up the consistency of your signature style.

6. Natural Curiosity

Your accomplishments in the broadcasting or journalism industry might help you in this regard. To conduct a good interview, you need to be genuinely interested in people and be able to extend the conversation. 

The curiosity will help you to improvise and think on your feet. All the best hosts you know can get off the script in the moment without making it obvious, and have a good response for unexpected situations.

7. A Wealthy Network

It goes without saying that the broadcasting industry values your connections. You must constantly work on your networking to gain contact information on talent agents, TV networks, media companies, and more. You should also try to reach out to producers, web designers, and back-end staff. Knowing the right person could make all the difference. As a student, you need to take advantage of all the resources your college and teachers offer to find your footing in the field. 

Wrapping Up

If you persistently look for opportunities, you will certainly land on leads to help you begin your TV host career. Today, you have social media at your disposal as well. Leverage the reach of YouTube and other media platforms to build an audience, and you might come across some interesting options to build your career.