Four Health Conscious Resolutions To Take Up In 2023

It’s that time of year again when we all need to start thinking about our New Year’s Resolutions. It feels like this year they could be more important than ever too, with us all more keen to look after our health and the environment.

There are tons of green resolutions you can take to take care of the planet, but the same can be said for your health too, whether it be making small changes or taking big steps, such as going to a rehab clinic to control your alcohol consumption.

To help you make a call on the healthy New Year’s Resolutions you want to make for 2023, we’ve provided you with a little bit of inspiration…

Spend time in nature each day

During the pandemic, many of us started to understand just how beneficial being out in nature can be to our mental health, but with commutes to the office and day-to-day life kicking back off since then, we’ve stopped prioritising that.

Being in nature is scientifically proven to improve mental functioning and improve your mood, so dedicate some time to getting out there each day, even if it’s just 15 minutes each morning to start your day. You’ll undoubtedly feel the benefit of it. 

One daily random act of kindness

Following a similar theme, just being kind and undertaking one random act of kindness is not only going to help your own mental health, but the health and wellbeing of others too. It will allow you to be more compassionate and empathetic, while you’ll also connect with more people, which will increase your own happiness significantly. 

Do 15 minutes of yoga each day

Practising yoga for a short amount of time each day will make you feel like you have a superpower. Not only is it amazing for your physical health, but it’s also perfect for your mental health too, for many reasons. There are positions that can help with anxiety and stress, perfect for calming nerves, while others promote energy and creativity, ideal for kicking off your day. 

Do 15 minutes each day and it’ll become a part of your routine that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. 

Cook something new once a week

When it comes to food, we’re probably all guilty of finding routine meals that are repeated each week, in the same order. Expand your horizons next year, not just to be a bit more adventurous with your menu, but healthier too.

Find a new, healthy recipe for each week of the year and you’ll have 52 new meals for the meal plan and all of them will be good for the mind, body and soul!