Finding Time To Study As A Mum

As a mom, your life is busy. You are running your own life as well as your children’s. However, it is still important to keep doing things for yourself.

You may have decided to start studying to give you and your child a better future. It will be difficult, but there are things you can do to try and make your life a little easier. 

Firstly, take advantage of online tools. Other students, as well as teachers, will be, so don’t fall behind because you are not taking advantage.

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1. Use every opportunity you get

As a mom, you probably find yourself with very little free time.

Always have resources handy to get some work done, such as a book to read, a notebook, or a laptop. You never know when you might get the opportunity to get stuff done!

Use train journeys, children’s parties, or even time in your car when you are waiting to pick your child up from somewhere. 

Even if these sessions are short and you have a lot to do, every moment adds up. 

2. Take breaks

When you keep working and working, you will stop taking the information in or working to your best ability. Be sure to have enough time to rest and recuperate. 

As well as having big breaks, little breaks are also powerful. The Pomodoro technique is a great way to stay motivated. It involves working from 25 minutes and then having 5 minutes off.

This may sound like a lot of time off, but studies show that you will get more done in those 25 minutes.

You can use the 5-minute breaks to wash up or do some laundry, which will help you to keep on top of the housework. 

3. Help from friends

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends or family. They can help watch your children while you get some work done as well as reading any work through for you.

It is always a good idea to get a second perspective. 

4. Have a study area

Have a place where you can study. Have a proper desk and chair set up where you are sitting correctly and comfortably.

Have everything you need – books, pens, etc. handy. Make this space your own and make sure it is somewhere you can escape to and concentrate. 

5. Plan

Have a schedule for studying. Organize what you need to do and by when. Try and stay ahead of deadlines.

As a mum, things often happen beyond your control, so you may not always be able to stick to it, and that’s ok! You can still make adjustments. 

6. Don’t be hard on yourself

What you are doing is amazing. If not everything goes to plan then that’s ok.

Don’t compare yourself to other students who might have a lot going on.

Things will likely get tough, but keep going - you can do it!