Finding A Job After University: 5 Top Tips

When searching for your perfect post-graduate job it’s important to remember that the perfect job is out there waiting for you.

It’s easy to get discouraged, especially when you spend hours on applications, writing and re-writing your CV and expressing your interest on numerous cover letters over and over again, only to receive nothing in return. However, it’s important to keep going and not give up.

Read on for 5 tips to land you your perfect post-graduate job. Good luck!  

Speak to a recruitment agency

When you sign up to a recruitment agency, they can help match you, your skills and your career projections with a compatible employer.

It can certainly make applying for jobs a little easier, as recruitment agencies will filter out the roles that aren’t suitable for you and help you to jump straight into the career you studied for.

As a candidate, companies like this will have your best interests at heart and will work hard to ensure job satisfaction all round. 

1. Tidy up your social media accounts

If your social media presence is still reflective of your uni days; heavy drinking, parties, questionable photos and positively cringeworthy posts that only your old friends would find funny, then now is the time to smarten it up a little.

These days prospective employees won’t just rely on your CV to tell them that you’re professional and courteous, they’ll head straight to your social media accounts to see if you can back it up.

You don’t need to only post about the industry you want to work in or how wonderfully professional you are, but demonstrating that you are a respectful, kind and amiable person will work wonders.

If you want to promote your professional abilities then check out LinkedIn and create a profile where you can advertise your skills, qualifications, and experience.

2. Make yourself stand out

You worked hard for those grades and you should be proud of them. However, there are thousands of other graduates who have also worked hard, making the jobs market essentially saturated.

It’s not easy to stand out, even with a great degree. Make yourself employable and stand out from other candidates by going the extra mile.

Creating a blog, volunteering or completing some work experience for free within your chosen field will certainly look great on your CV, it may even open doors to potential employment.

3. Make work connections 

As mentioned above, opening doors to potential employment is easy when you make the right connections in your chosen industry.

If you’ve never made connections like this before, don’t panic.

Make a start by researching the companies you’d like to work for, check out relevant employees on LinkedIn and reach out to them about job vacancies and your interest in their industry.

Be proactive and don’t give up.

4. Look further afield

Would you consider relocating?

Some of the jobs in your chosen career path might be more prominent in a different area of the country, or have you considered heading abroad and taking some time out while you decide which path to take?