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The Fantastic Five Yearbook Tips for Beginners

How will your students remember their time at school? Facebook is great for the here and now, but what about ten years down the line? That's a lot of timeline scrolling.

Putting together a printed leavers' yearbook is a fun and rewarding project. Here are five top tips to get you started on a solid path to yearbook success.

#1 Get started early

It's easy to underestimate the time involved in creating something so special, like a yearbook. We often hear feedback from schools that they wish they'd started sooner. Time seems to run away the closer it gets to exams and the end of term, so start now and give yourself plenty of time!

#2 "Hey everyone! There's a yearbook coming"

No-one will know about your yearbook unless you scream from the rooftops "there's a yearbook coming!". Use posters, flyers, emails, your school website and social media to spread the word early on. Giving a heads up will allow students and teachers plenty of time prepare their comments and quotes.

#3 Assemble your dream team

Yearbooks are fun to work on as a team, so recruit a bunch of willing volunteers to help you:
* Teacher, or member of staff to oversee, proof and give the final thumbs up.
* Editors are the logistical angels, collecting content and bringing everything together for your staff.
* Staff are responsible for populating your yearbook with photos and text, and generally making it look fabulous! Designers and copywriters apply within.
* Photographers are the snap happy among your team. Task them with photographing each member of your year group.

#4 Timelines + deadlines = sanity

Structuring your time and setting deadlines is very important, as it makes a yearbook project ten times easier! Plan when you aim to hand out your yearbooks and work backwards from there. Here's an idea of how long to allow for each stage:
* Collecting photos and comments: 2-4 weeks
* Designing: 2+ weeks (depending how many are working on the book)
* Reviewing, proofreading and making amendments: 1-2 weeks
* Printing and production: 2-4 weeks

#5 Make a flatplan of your pages

Get your teeth into planning the structure of your yearbook! Using a flatplan to label and sketch out each page of your yearbook and planning your content will help you identify how many pages you'll need, which is handy info for a pricing quote.

Bonus tip!

Try out Yearbook Hub, an easy-to-use online yearbook builder. Packed full of pre-designed page backgrounds, clipart and layouts. Request a free demo account and have a play!

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