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Essay writing service review on

Website usability:

Essay writing service – certainly has a website that looks modern, professional and complete with everything a good site of an online writing service should have: clean and simple design, convenient navigation, a pricelist, a set of options to contact the company behind it and information about what type of services it provides. Most of the information about the agency can be found in FAQ and across the website, which means that usually you will have to contact customer support only if you have already decided to hire a writer. Otherwise you will have on-site guides leading you through the order process and other problematic issues.


One cannot exactly call a cheap essay writing service – its price per page ranges from $10 to $84, the latter being higher than what many other companies ask. However, this price range is hardly unjustified. You can buy a high school or a college level paper for a quite affordable price, especially if you give enough time for it to be written. However, more complicated academic papers, like high-quality research papers of PhD level, are understandably costlier. This disparity in prices is, in fact, somewhat reassuring: it suggests that the service actually has different writers to work on a cheapest assignment, like a high school essay, and on a task requiring special attention, like a dissertation.

Customer support:

An essay writing service review on wouldn’t be complete without mentioning its customer support. It is available via phone call, online chat and a query form. It is stated to function around the clock, and it seems to be true, unlike with the majority of websites making this allegation. Operators themselves are polite, know their business and do not take a lot of time to provide the necessary assistance and advice, going as far as giving you a step by step guide explaining how to place an order so that it will cover exactly the topics and format you need.

Quality of writing:

Judging by the samples, the quality of writing you get here is generally reflective of the declared academic level of the example. You can expect a top and highly paid author to write excellent custom essays while those whose help is available at a lower rate will not be the best of their kind (while still quite passable).

Points of note:

* A free plagiarism checker is available for an easy way to check texts for copy/paste;
* The company has a carefully-written money-back guarantee. It is recommended that you study the respective page of its website for the examples of situations in which you are entitled to a refund;
* If you are a return client and were impressed with the skills of a particular writer, you can request him to work on your new order;
* You can choose one of three types of writers: the best available, an advanced writer or ENL (a native speaker of English language, usually from the UK, the USA or another English-speaking country);
* You will have a way of communicating with your writer, giving him tips on how to best represent your point of view and so on;
* 2 ways in which you can pay for your order: the usual one and progressive delivery. The latter means that you will receive your term paper in instalments and pay for it in the same manner;
* Sample service – for $5 you can receive 3 random pages from previous assignments completed by your writer;
* Some assignments available for sale are marked as “complex”. This means that they require special knowledge and cannot be completed by somebody skimming through a book like “Computer Science for Dummies” for half an hour. It is reflected in their price.


The main question you have, however, is this: Is this website right for me? Should I place my order here? How does it compare to other sites offering writing for money? All in all, is a very decent writing service irrespectively of what you buy here. Be it book reviews, a template for an essay you are going to write or a huge assignment like a thesis, it usually seems to have writers possessing the necessary skillset to deal with it.

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