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The Effective Ways of Learning French

Many New Yorkers dream of learning the French language, due to it’s exotic sound and association with romanticism. Others may be interested in learning it as a way of enriching their understanding of history. Regardless of the reasons, the French language has always maintained a high level of interest from non-French speakers all over the world.

As with any language, learning French can present a challenge to anyone who is new to the language, especially to those who live somewhere where French is not widely spoken. For a New Yorker with the typical busy New York life, you may think that such opportunities don’t exist, but you would be mistaken. Living in New York gives one more opportunities than you might think. With it being such a large city, there are numerous French communities there, as well as many international businesses who are in need of French speakers, so you should have plenty of reason to learn the French language.

Short of moving to Paris or even hiring a French tutor in New York, there are many effective ways of learning French that don’t involve such drastic actions.

Reasons for Learning French

Living in New York gives someone plenty of reasons to learn French. For career minded people, many companies based in France or who do extensive business in France will obviously have a need for French speaking employees. For students, learning French can open opportunities in your future career. There are quite a few reasons that may or may not fit your profile or your attitude towards the language. People have their own reasons for learning a language.

* Interest in French culture.
* Plans to travel or move to France.
* Learning the language of their ancestors.
* Study of history.
* To impress their girlfriend or boyfriend.
* Interest in speaking to a French tutor.

As with any of these reasons, there are a number of effective ways of learning French that will help learn much of the language in as little time as possible.

Hire A French Tutor

The first and most important thing to do is to hire a French tutor. As with learning any language, you need someone who can guide you through the grammar and structure of the language, teach you new vocabulary, and provide you with individual language practice. Hiring a French tutor will help fill all of these roles, and more. French tutors can be found in almost any major city. For those who are in the United states, someone living in New York or another large city should easily be able to find one.

Another benefit to hiring a tutor is in regards to managing your time with learning a language. Since we all know how important time management is to someone living in New York, finding a tutor is a great way to help manage your time with learning French, as it allows for greater flexibility for learning at your own convenience instead of having to deal with schedule conflicts.

Find Friends Who Can Speak French

While hiring a French tutor is the first and most important step, you don’t want to limit your practice of French just with them, as with hearing only one voice and accent may not fully prepare you for interacting with others who have different sounding voices and accents. Finding some friends who speak French can be very beneficial for help with learning the language, as you should be able to have more free-ranging practice with the language.

If you’re not sure where to find some friends who speak French, there are plenty of options for doing so. One would be to find a French club at your local college or university. You can also look online for French communities that are open to people who are learning the language. Finally, you can also ask  your French tutor, as chances are that they already know quite a few people in New York who speak the language.

Get a Textbook for Learning French

When people think of textbooks for learning a language, they often think of dry, boring material that is a chore to read through. Sadly, this is the case with many language textbooks, but there are also many others that can be quite interesting.

In any case, finding a textbook for learning French will give you an excellent source of reference material for learning the language. Chances are that your French tutor will recommend one to you, but finding other textbooks can be as easy as going to your local bookstore or library. Textbooks that include exercises for reading and writing will provide a good way for you to practice on your own at home.

Immerse Yourself in the Language

This can often be the hardest part of learning a language, but it’s also one of the most necessary and helpful parts. Chances are that your French tutor will recommend this to you as well. Immersing yourself in French means to think, do, and speak French as part of your everyday routine, and surrounding yourself with the language.

This can be difficult for many reasons, but it is by no means impossible. Try to replace your use of English throughout the day with French whenever possible. Find different things that you use every day in your house and label them with their corresponding word in French, and start referring to these by their French name whenever you are at home. When thinking of your plans for the day, list out your plans in French instead of English. When watching films or reading something on the internet, try to find French films or others that have a French soundtrack or subtitles. Change your favorite Internet search engine or social media sites to use the French language.

Although immersing yourself in the French language won’t be practical at first, you’ll quickly find it to be a huge help as you move along with learning the language. If you’re not sure how to go about doing this at first, your French tutor should be able to help gauge your current level and give you specific suggestions accordingly.

Travel to a French Speaking Country

One final suggestion for learning French, and one that actually doesn’t have to involve your French tutor, is to try traveling to a French speaking country, as a way of immersing yourself in the language and learning about its practical everyday use. When most people think of doing this, they think of taking an exotic and fascinating vacation to France, and exploring the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. While this isn’t a bad ideas, it can be beyond the means of ordinary people with limited budgets.

For those with a more limited budget or fewer means of spending a meaningful amount of time in France, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that a French speaking country may be closer to you than you think. While living in New York, you might think that you aren’t that close to a large French speaking population, but you would be surprised at how close one is. There are parts of Canada, namely the province of Quebec, that has French as their official and predominant language.

Anyone who lives in another location shouldn’t be that far away from a French speaking population either. For those in Africa, there are quite a few countries that have French as an official language. For those in Europe, several countries other than France either have French as an official language or have large French speaking communities, such as Belgium and Switzerland. Finally, even those in Asia can find a large population of French speakers in Vietnam.

No matter which part of the world you live in, you shouldn’t have to travel far to find a large population of French speakers.

Learning French Isn’t Difficult

As you can see by the above suggestions, it shouldn’t be difficult at all to find effective ways of learning French, even while living in New York. Although there are additional ways that can be added or suggested by your French tutor, the ways listed above have proven throughout the years to be the most effective ways of learning any language. Stick with these methods, and you should find yourself speaking French fluently in no time at all.

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