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Doctors Can Earn Continuing Medical Education Credits While Traveling

One of the biggest obstacles that medical students face during the course of their education is whether or not they can continue to earn medical credits while they travel and participate in different internships. It can be a difficult scale to balance - is it better to stay at home and finish off all credits, or is it more advantageous to travel and gain real-world experience?

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut with your medical school options, you can stop worrying - there is finally a way to earn medical credits while you travel!

Two handy apps, Knack and Zapier, make it easy for you to manage and receive credits even when you are traveling abroad. Read on to find out how you can use these apps to stay on top of your education at all times!

What is Knack and Zapier?

Knack is an API that allows for the creation of dynamic database apps. It is an all-in-one package of digital goodies that developers can use to log and track anything they want. is this useful for medical students?

One app developer and emergency physician, Alex Mohseni, had the brilliant idea to use Knack to develop a new app: Zapier. Zapier is used to manage education credits, with a strong focus on the needs and requirements of medical students.

The idea for this app was first brought into fruition by a developer who wanted to track the status of Las Vegas casino games. He used Knack to build an automation schedule for high rollers at the casinos. these events in Las Vegas inspired Alex to apply the same technology towards earning medical credits while away.

This App Solves Many Problems!

According to Alex, there are a lot of frustrations and inefficiencies when it comes to the medical education process. In the past, it hasn’t been easy for students to track their CMEs while abroad. Most of the time, these students have to manually track their credits themselves, much like trying to keep a receipt for everything you buy.

This is an irritating and often inaccurate procedure for something as important as earning medical credits. Medical school is expensive enough - forgetting to track your credits can be financially devastating!

This is where the app comes in handy. You can actually download and track your travel itinerary through the blog, so you know where and when you’ll be receiving your credits. Then, you can use the intuitive app to automatically capture the credits when they come in. That way, when you return to your school, you’ll have everything you need to prove the credits you’ve earned.

You’re One Step Closer to Becoming a Licensed Doctor!

Medical school isn’t easy; in fact, it’s often filled with many bumps and obstacles on the road. Tracking credits shouldn’t be one of them. With the new Zapier app through Knack, it is now much easier for you to continue to earn medical credits while traveling abroad. Simply upload your itinerary into the app, grab your credits when they come in, and keep your phone handy! You’re well on your way to earning the credits you need to earn your valuable medical degree.

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