Dissertation Printing and Binding: A Detailed Guide

Congratulations on complete your final academic paper after months of intensive research and hard work. The climax of your academic journey is submitting your well researched and prepared dissertation. Therefore, you should have your paper printed and bound in a way that it stands out and impresses your examiner. Here are a few factors to consider before you print or bind your thesis:

• How do I go about dissertation printing or binding?
• Where to get quality dissertation printing or binding services?

Read on to get an overview of what you need to know when printing or binding your dissertation, essay, research paper or any other piece of academic work.

How to Go About Dissertation Printing and Binding

Throughout your college studies, you handle a lot of academic work, which in most cases is submitted digitally. However, your final thesis is a crucial part of your studies that requires quality printing or binding. Selecting the right configuration may be overwhelming, especially if you are a newbie. To make this easier for you, our guide offers an in-depth look into all the details you need to know about the printing or binding of academic papers.

Factors To Consider During Dissertation Printing

Here are some factors which are important for you to consider before printing your dissertation:

• Colour vs black and white printing
• Type of paper
• Price

Things to Consider When Printing a Dissertation  

  • Color printing: Here, you can choose between colour printing or the standard black and white version. Coloured dissertation printing tones up your work, giving it a more professional look. However, it is slightly expensive than the normal black and white printing.
  •  Paper: Most copy shops use 80g/m2 papers, which are of low quality. They are thin, tear easily and allows ink to shine through them. When printing your work, consider shops that use quality papers such as the 100g/m2 paper. Using quality papers gives your work a more refined look.
  •  Price: Your printing colour, type of print paper and the overall page count of your work determine the printing price. Analyse and compare charges from different providers and settle for one with the most reasonable offer.

Important Issues To Consider During Dissertation Binding

After knowing the basics of printing your academic work, the next thing is to look at the binding process. The option that you choose depends on the nature of the paper you are handling and its importance. For example, the binding of a research paper that involved intensive research and writing cannot compare to that of a standard term paper that took only a few weeks. A research paper deserves better binding than a regular term paper.

Additionally, a dissertation or research paper accounts for a larger percentage of your final mark. Therefore, you should try binding it in a more professional way than a term paper that only adds a small value to your final mark.

Note: Remember that thesis or dissertation printing or binding is not a daily academic routine. It is a sign that you have achieved a huge milestone. Therefore, you should find the ideal binding option that will give your work an impressive look. In most cases, the type of binding you choose depends on the nature of the work you are handling. 

Different Types of Binding

Outlined below are the most common forms of thesis or dissertation binding.

Classy Leather Binding

Gives your paper a professional and impressive look.

This option makes your work appear more professional. It is most suitable for important thesis and dissertations. When you get your services from BachelorPrint, you will enjoy a variety of customization options such as corner protectors, bookmarks and custom embossing.

Classic Thermal Binding

This is a versatile option that can be used on all academic papers.

This versatile option that boasts of a transparent front cover, placing your title page on display with a leather-like back cover, which comes in different colours. It is a relatively cheap option when you want more printed copies of your work.  


It is highly flexible and can give your work a unique look. However, it is bound to a low number of pages.

It is a flexible option where you enjoy designing your work as per your preferences. It boasts of a variety of logos, fonts and pictures that you can adopt to make your paper stand out. However, you should maintain a professional look by going neutral on the design options.

Spiral Binding

A simple and affordable option suitable for small projects.

It is a cost-effective and simple option with a leather-like back page and a transparent front cover. It is similar to thermal binding, but it uses plastic or metal spirals to bind the papers. You can choose the back-page’s colour and the type of spirals you want as per your needs.

Finding Quality Printing and Binding Services

Now that you are already conversant with how to prepare your academic work the final presentation, the next step is finding a quality service provider. Depending on your location, you can get your services from local copy shops within your city or look for services online. Most college students prefer the latter. One reason why most students go for online printing services is the convenience of ordering remotely. Additionally, most online print shops offer shipping services to your doorstep. However, it is essential to research the services of various online print shops to gauge their quality of service.

In the course of our analysis, we found one online print shop whose services impressed us. BachelorPrint is our top choice when it comes to printing or binding your academic work. The outstanding features of this online service provider include:  

Ensuring You Get a Smooth Dissertation Printing or Binding Experience

If you want to submit quality academic work, you need to put in a lot of time and effort, which can be overwhelming. However, if you follow our guidelines above, your printing or binding experience will be smooth.

Ensure that you get your services from a reliable provider such as BachelorPrint. Their affordable services, free shipping and 3D preview, are just a glimpse of what they have in store for you. Try them out today and simplify your printing or binding process.

All the best in your dissertation printing or binding!