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Differences Between Seat Belts and Passive Restraint System

One of the things that you will notice about the newer car models that are being released is they now come with a lot of safety features. There are some safety features that will allow you to feel safer whenever you are driving your vehicle. There are also some safety features that will make your vehicle safer from people who may attempt to steal it.

For people who would like to be protected while driving, the seat belt is still one of the most important things that a car should have. There was a time when wearing a seat belt was not required but over the past decades, people have made it a point to wear their seat belt whenever they drive. Newer car models will even alert drivers if they are not wearing their seat belts.

In the 1980s, more and more vehicles started to have a passive restraint system. This system is still being incorporated into the newer models right now. What exactly is the passive restraint system and what is its difference with the seat belt?

Seat Belts System

A seat belt system is a system that is available when you purchase your vehicle. The driver’s side will have this. The passenger side will also have a seat belt. Most vehicles would also have a seat belt at the back to make sure that they are always safe. The thing is, using and wearing your seat belt is still done manually. You cannot just sit on your chair and allow the seat belt to wrap around your body.

This is why people can be reminded by their vehicles when they are not wearing their seat belts. The car has no power over the person if the person decides that he does not want to wear any seat belt. Some people become too reliant on their passive restraint system that they forego wearing their seat belts. 

Passive Restraint System

The passive restraint system is meant to enhance the overall safety of the person who is riding the vehicle. One common example of the passive restraint system is the airbag. This is meant to blow up when a person gets into an accident. It is supposed to soften the blow of the collision so that the person can survive.

There are instances when people make the mistake of opening the compartment where the airbags are located and they end up killing themselves. Some people have also died because of airbags because they blew up without any collision. Passive restraint systems may act up and not work properly the same way that the seat belt system may also have issues from time to time.

The key is to always make sure that both systems work before you drive. You want to stay safe while you are driving on the road.

Differences Between Seat Belt Systems and Passive Restraint Systems

Both seat belt systems and passive restraint systems are meant to protect the driver and the passengers of the vehicle. There are just some differences in how they are activated. The seat belt system would need to be used manually. This means that people have to consciously wear their seat belts otherwise, they will not be protected.

Passive restraints systems may be activated when the vehicle already gets into an accident. For example, the airbag will blow up upon collision to minimize the potential effects that it may have on the driver and passengers. 

These two systems may not be fool-proof but it is still better to use these systems to ensure that you will be safe while driving. A passive restraint discount is possible if you would show proof of the system when you apply for car insurance