Common Mistakes In Essay Writing

Essay writing is an essential skill for all college students. You need to learn how to write concise and impressive essays to maintain an above-average performance.

Making mistakes is how you learn how to polish your work. Students need to take time to practice how to write essays in their free time.

Each time you get assignments back, go through them to see the teachers’ remarks. This ensures that you don’t repeat the same mistakes in the next assignment.

To avoid submitting an essay ridden with mistakes, always seek assignment help if you don’t have enough time to complete one.

Writing services can ensure you maintain an above-average performance. 

1. Basic spelling 

This might come as a surprise to students who’ve mastered their spellings. However, many confuse the spelling of certain words.

You can also get a spelling a word wrong when you’re typing fast even when you know the right way to spell it.

This is why you should always go through your assignment at least twice before submitting it. Consider using Grammarly to help rectify spelling errors as you type.

Such online editing tools save you from going through your work once you’re done. 

2. Sentence fragments 

This is one of the most common mistakes many students encounter when writing essays. The reason why you should read out loud when editing is so you can correct weird phrases in your paper.

There are many sentences that cannot make sense when they stand alone. Editing allows you to fix incorrect sentence fragments. 

You need to ensure all sentences are complete and eliminate any sentences that don’t add value to your essay.

Make your sentences as short as possible because your point might be lost in translation when your essay is ridden with convoluted sentences. 

3. The first person narrative 

When writing a formal essay, you should avoid the first-person narrative at all costs.

Words like I, We, May, and Our should be avoided because a formal essay should not point to the author or the reading audience.

Remember, you're writing about a hypothetical situation, which means your writing should be separate from your world.

If you’re writing informally, you can use the words mentioned above as often as you like. Make a habit of using You and Your to invite and engage the reading audience. 

4. Spacing 

Many students struggle with finding the right spacing. For each assignment, find out if the professor included the spacing you should use.

If not, go for single spacing, and it makes your paper look compact. Single spacing also makes paragraphs more evident. 

5. Flawed punctuation 

Just like sentence fragments, the best way to identify punctuation errors is by reading out loud when you’re editing. 

With a formal essay, avoid using exclamation marks unless you’re sharing quotations. You should also avoid rhetorical questions because you’ll just end up irritating your professor.

Asking rhetorical questions in a formal essay is light re-assigning your assignment. 

Include commas and periods wherever they should be and begin every sentence with a capital sentence.

Understand the difference between a full colon and a semi-colon for you to use them in the right context.

Every college student needs to have exceptional essay writing skills. Essay writing is the only constant thing throughout college.

Regardless of which course you’re pursuing, you’ll be required to write essays. Always go through your assignment before you submit it.